Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beyond the....

.....smoky clouds
All along my childhood, whenever I looked up at the sky, I was under the wrong assumption that the white clouds, which seemed very close and reachable, is nothing but the sky yonder. I also sometimes would found pictures by tracing different shapes in the clouds which was like a nice amusement. Then I did'nt know that the serene looking pallid clouds are nothing but the tiny droplets of the water and ice which are infact closer to the earth than the sky. I didn't know that the fancy clouds would never make a way for me to reach the sky though they looked like they did and it was all nothing but a fool's paradise. I realized that the clouds are just a momentary pleasure and an illusion for the sky which come and go, but in no way are even close to that of the clear blue sky; and the blue sky is always far far beyond the white smoky clouds. It was sad to learn that part and realise that the sky had always been far beyond the illusionary sky like snowy clouds. It was also a great eye opener which made me to understand that I am never supposed to count on the clouds to make it to the distant sky. Now you must be wondering that I am being completely nuts and talking like crazy. Well no! I am not freaking out. I just want to try and present before you some of my understandings about the dreams we dream. Dreams, though not real, make a reflection of the beautiful thoughts we frame in our mind and heart. Dreams would be of many kinds - Nightmares, day dreaming or fantasizing, thoughtful and planned dreams, realistic and serious dreams etc. All of them are dreams, but not every dream is possible in real life as some dreams just couldn't become real either because there is too much fantasy in them to be true or we just give it up for some other dream; and few dreams shatter and break our heart. When one dream is not possible, there would always be a new door awaiting to be opened with a new dream which is upto us to figure out. I cannot possibly explain you why this confusion arises, but all I know is everything happens for a good reason and God's works are always beyond our understanding. But I am going to ask God, for sure, his real motive behind this entanglement, when I leave this world forever to make my stay in heaven. I know I will not come back later to explain the mystery behind it because once I am gone there I am gone forever and even if i try to do so you would run away from me. Anyway, coming back to our subject, few dreams happen instantly in a matter of time as we'd planned them to be and few take time and happen according to the will of God. We have a legend and also some true stories that explain the dreams dreamt during the night, when we are asleep, or the visions we see, while we are awake, could be a warning or a sign of a future incident that might occur in our life and can be interpreted as a prediction; thats about the nightmares and visions. We also have something called planned dreams about which we seriously look forward to make them come true and for which some times we wish and pray upon silly things, like shooting star, eye lash, rainbow, water shells etc., which we also know wouldn't do any good but still we wish upon them for fun; no offence for those who believe on them seriously. No dream is a simple or silly dream and every human who survives in this world have dreams to be accomplished. And just because a dream is not associated with money it does not mean that it is not worth to be called a dream. However, there are also dreams that need money, along with the efforts and wishes, to be fulfilled and would later lead us to make our living or earn money. Comapring oneself with someone else and trying to be more powerful than they are is never called pursuing a dream. Infact, by doing so they are inadvertently following somebody else's dream. One can definitely have a role model in their life to practice somebody's methods, because there is a huge difference between the words - comparison and role model. Any dream, whether big or small can be accomplished if one is true to their dreams, by sticking to the dream, until the end, no matter what. All we need is faith in ourselves and our endeavors which we put toward carrying out the dream; and also faith in the almighty powerful who we wish and pray upon. As we have a saying that when we want something and wish for it with all the heart and work toward it with austerity, then the entire universe will conspire in favor of us and will make it happen for us. We are never supposed to forget that our invisible wishes and prayers only give us the magical confidence to make our dream come true, but would never themselves make it happen without our involvement. No matter how we wish and what we wish for, if our wishes are not supported by faithfulness our wish would be like the smoky clouds which disappear in a moment. And just like the milky clouds which make the sky look closer our wishes make our dream easy and reachable, but they would never be the means to achieve our dream. So unless we make the right efforts with faithfulness, for our dream to come true, we wouldn't be cut out to make it beyond the white smoky clouds and reach the blue sky.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Magical moments....

of the stolen hearts.
Every little magic of our phenomenal universe has a unique way of working wonders to bring on the adorable smile on our pretty face; and thus loading our life with extraordinary magical moments. Of all the magic I've experienced in my life, since the day a life was breathed into me, love has been the best augury. No other magic has the instant power to restore a broken or a disappointed heart, but the angelic love; and its the greatest of all the magic. The way I was formed and put into my mother's womb to enter into this beautiful world was incredible and it was a magical moment for my mother to go through the entire process. Even before I was formed my creator knew me and loved me and had planned my life mystically. Its amazing the way things turn, in an instant, in favour of me to make my wishes come true and it was all possible because of his magical love. I can never repay him for every great and marvellous thing he had done in my life and for giving me a wonderful family, but would always be grateful to him all throughout my life. I have never seen him and I don't deserve it, but I can perceive him and feel his love; so I say I Love You God. She loved me and carressed me since the time she learnt I had taken shape and started breathing inside her. She never bothered to take that horrible pain to bring me into this fascinating world. I don't remember anything of it, but my very existence says it all, so I say I Love You Mom. When I was a toddler trying to make little steps, I had a man in my life to hold this little princess and help me walk without tripping. All along my life, he had been my courage and a protective shield in every worse situation of my life. He never expected anything from me for what he had done and I probably might not remember each of his little endeavours to make me what I am today. But my strong heart remembers it all, so I say I Love you Dad. And as I was growing up I realized I have two strong pillars either side. They had been my best friends and my guide and a secret place to hide all my mysteries. They probably might never express everything they had to endure to take care of me and keep me safe, but I say I Love You Both My Angels - Brother and Sister.

Love, as I know it, is unconditional and irrevocable and sometimes unpredictable; and this is what a true love for me means. No many are lucky enough to find the true love and for those who do, everyday is like a magical celebration. Infact love doesn't need a day to celebrate, but for those who hardly find time for love definitely need it and so we have what called a valentines day. A valentines day would be the best opportunity for all those who would be busy with their daily schedule and do not find time to express their love in an appropriate manner. And its is also the day for all those lost souls who are looking for a chance to bring back the magic in their life. This is not the first time I am speaking of love, but everytime I do it would be like a magical experience for me, as it is one of my favourite subjects. I think a person without love in life would be like a historical monument which has a great story to listen of its glorious moments but would still be lifeless. The celebration of love doesn't confine itself to the lovely young couples, but it is meant for all the stolen hearts who has someone, to love and to be loved in their life. It could be our heavenly father's unconditional love, a mother's warmth, a fathers protective shield, a brother or sisterly guidance, or an alluring touch of a stranger, all this is a magical love and it definitely needs a grand celebration. So lets celebrate on this valentines day, the magical moments of the stolen hearts with celestial magic called love.

Happy Valentine's Day

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Play nimble....

....or silently endure
Each one of us are born talented and that talent is an invisible gift or a weapon from our father in heaven who created us. He knows better that when we are born we would be in the safe hands of our parents, but still he never wants any human to be sent unarmed into this unpredictable world; so he bestows upon us a wonderful skill which we have to dig up at the right time and hone it perfect to use it wise. However I am not intent on nudging you by explaining the definition of talent and then how to use it. Because I know that you all are very well aware of what an intrinsic talent is and how to take care of it. I just want to throw light on something else which you would catch on very soon. Before I blab it out let me tell you something about myself and see if you could figure out what I am trying explain. Well, I am not really very good at handling overly friendly guys, because I was neither trained at it nor inherited it; and I am very much sure God would never gift this kind of talent to anyone as it is something worldly and must be either taught or learnt. Does this give you any sort of slighest hint of the subject I am going to discuss now? If your answer is no then you have to carefully refer to what I am going to address next or if it is yes then try and understand what's in store for you. I was once in a team supervised by a male boss who was an absolute chaser. He would look like a jerk with an unpleasant personality, but was also very organized in terms of his work. Unlike me, there were many girls who liked him for his flirtatious attitude and also had fallen for him very easy. Probably they had their reasons to do so or must like to flirt him back, but for me, I used to just silently endure him without saying a word or ignore his silly talk most of the time. He was exceptionally talented at the art of flirting that he would make sure not to be abusive or pushy; and he was also very clever not to make it all look like a harrassment. I know it was not something unusual and most of you must have come across this kind of supervisors in your organization who would be like - Catch two birds at one shot. There were girls who were equally talented at this kind of art and would go to any extent to lure such a boss the way he wanted to get their work done, but I could never imbibe that talent as it was not my thing. He knew I was not his type of a girl and would not fall for him like others did, but still would haunt me with his stupid playful babble. Besides this, my work shift was not as usual like other team members, because of which I would be the first to make my team and that would make me to be more watchful about him. Most of the time he used to be busy with his work and meetings, but whenever he got time he would take advantage of the situation with his dalliance and inquisition. Once he wanted to have a one to one discussion, though it was not really necessary. He took me to cafeterria during lunch time, discussed some rubbish and ate all my food. And since then he used to ask me to get lunch for him to have an excuse to sit with me. When I couldn't tolerate it any longer, I took the nerve to play little smart with him and tell him to his face that I was not going to get him lunch anymore because my mom was not going to be in town for sometime.They say that - courage is not the absence of fear but rather a judgement that something is more important than fear. The same way though I used to be fearful about his attitude toward me, yet I was courageous enough to deal with him tactfully; and sometimes with the support of my fellow team members. Thankfully, within a month he was moved to other team to handle a different project and since then I hardly saw him on the floor. And sometime later he also left the organisation for a better opportunity, but before he left he did come to see me to say good bye and also asked me to try and touch base with him, as if I would care. Many girls were heart-broken then, but for people like me it was a relief of spree. So the only mantra to cope with such a boss is - play nimble or silently endure.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Whip the wand....

......and spell the magic
Have you ever thought of having a magic wand for yourself which you can whip out with a brief spell of magic whenever you want your wishes to be accomplished? I always wished i had one, like Mr. Harry Potter did in the novels of J. K. Rowling. Have you dreamt of waking up to a wonderland where all sorts of mumbo jumbo is possible and where animals talk to you and tress move, just like the characters of the novel - "The chronicles of Narnia" and "Alice in wonderland"? Are you thinking that i am going to run you through a fantasy story again and enthrall you into an imaginary land from where you would have to compel your heart to come out? I would not dare to do that again and make you a victim. I just want you to imagine something I do, most of the time, and see how it would look like to be in a place, where you can make things happen in a flash with just one word of magic. It would be utterly terrific if there is a land like that and we discover it, isn't it? I would be the first person to break into that land and invade a tiny part of it for myself.

Do you know that animals used to be friendly with humans, in the beginning, when the earth was created? Infact God created all the animals and other creatures of the earth, only to be cordial with Adam and be an accomplice. It was Adam who named all the animals on the land, birds in the air, the sea wonders and the creepy creatures that crawl. Nothing was clearly mentioned in the Bible, whether all the animals used to talk, except for the snake which deceived Eve. And after this story we hardly get to hear of an occurrence where a human had a talk with an animal until the amusing story of Balaam who headed to curse the Isralites, out of idiocy, and his donkey had to talk to him to make him realize that there is an angel on his way, trying to impede him. Having said all this, I want to ascertain that there was a land in the beginning where everything we fantasize was possible, but unfortunately, now, we are damned to set our foot in their. But from time to time whenever a human tried to maintain a strong connection with God, with all the faithfulness, miracles were possible in the world we live. And i think that is possible even now, but the only thing we need is to believe in ourselves. As far as I know there are two kinds of magic - one is alluring or bewitching magic just like love or music and another stupefying magic that leaves us in awe. I am sure most of you might have gone through the first type of magic and i am not going to stress on that at all. But i would like to share a confounding situation which was like a magical experience in my life, that is still beyond my understanding.When I was in my high school I accidentally got on a wrong bus, in a hurry to reach school on time. The bus was so crowded that I couldn't make out I was going to land at a far-off mysterious place; and by the time i realized it was too late to set out and make my way to school. However, i got off at a stop with a hope to figure out a way or catch some other bus which would at least take me to a familiar place. I stood there nearly more than an hour with no sign of any help or a bus approaching that way at that point of time. I felt completely helpless and I didn't even have a mobile to call for help. The only thing that crossed my mind then was to say a little prayer remembering God, which i did with all my heart and the moment i opened my eyes I saw an old friend of mine in front of me, smiling and wondering at me. I finally could breathe and he was so kind enough to drop me my school and then go his way. He told me later that he was not supposed to be that way during that time, but all of a sudden his mother pushed him to go that way to get an urgent work done. That was something unusual and astonishing which happened in my life and was possible only with my invisible wand called prayer. What i told you was just one little story of my life where i had to whip my wand out to make the real magic happen in this real world. And now its your turn to whip the wand and spell the magic:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the dark...

...I fumbled.
As we move ahead with our life, we often have a tendency to look back and ponder over the flash of memories somewhere hidden safely in the tiny part of our unbelievable mind. Some memories bring up an instant smile and brightness in the face, the moment we think about them and we easily drew in to relish the moments with cheerful heart.  And there would be some other memories which we wish not to be a part of our diary and if possible we pray that they get erased completely from off our mind. We embrace the thought with gladness, that seem to have registered like a perfect bliss. But those traces of our life which remained like a painful reflection, sounds terrifying even with a little inclination toward it. It feels like some dark voices from our past still keep haunting us whenever an incident connected to such a terrible memory is brought up, without realising the fact that we got to discover an agreeable lesson followed by those creepy recollections. Aside from both the opposite records we have discussed now, we also have another noticeable nostalgia which remains like an unfolded puzzle all along. And this memory is neither an ecstasy nor a horrifying thought, it is just some weird recapture that was never explainable or answerable. As far as i know, many things in our life happen for a reason and most clearly for a good reason. But this mystifying memory that nested in our thoughts like a unsolved puzzle never had any reason or a clue of its happening. Or probably we failed to figure out the cause of that event, when it occured and now it remained like an enigma. Are you confused with i am trying to say? I am sure I must have overwhelmed you with my cryptic flow of communication. I am going to share my own experience of such an ambigous memory. There was this guy at work who always would make it a point to ask me a question whenever he was done with the presentation, which seemed like he was doing it on purpose. And one day his questions were all for me as if no one else existed in the room except me. Next day when i wanted to talk to him about the same, i learnt that he left the organisation and the other day was his last day working day. I also remember an incident when there was a cake cutting on some occasion and while i was waiting for my turn to grab a piece of cake, he appeared out of the blue and handed a slice to me. If i put together all these things and try to understand the reason for his weird act, i can think of these possibilities: he liked me, but was intimidated by me for some reason or he was just too hesitant to walk up to me boldly and ask for a date or, probably he thought he gave me enough hints for me to understand that he held some soft corner toward me, but i was oblivious about it. These are just my assumptions, and i could have had a better reason  or answer  for his behaviour if he had approached me  without any hesitation or if i had realised his behaviour to be something worth given importance at some point of time and confronted him with the same interest. But now this is going to be like an obscurity in my memory as i was very late to realise the fact that he was probably in some way interested me and also to learn if my assumptions were actually right. All this narration doesn't mean that we have to look back and keep wondering at such an equivocacy, what i meant to say is when we are given a choice to control our destiny we usually hesitate or fail to do that for many reasons and later regret about it. I know that, not all times it is possible to control the destiny, but we can do so without fail, atleast when we are equipped with the right opportunities. Our hesitation would do us no good, but block our way to communicate better. And that was just one example of a vague moment i tried to explain here, but if we try and govern our stroke of luck in every possible circumstance where there is an opening for hesitation, our life would be filled with memories of less obscure moments. Because later when we try to look for answers for such a puzzle like thought, it would be like fumbling in the dark.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sleeping beauty and.....

.....the hiding princess.
Long back i heard the story of a princess who was as fair as snow, with the lips so red like the blood and hair so black like a black raven. She was a charming little girl with an innocent beauty, but was loathed to death by the wicked queen, her step mother, for being the fairest among all the fair women existed. The queen was also a  beautiful lady, but was deeply obsessed with her fair skin and wanted to be the only fairest and the only beautiful women in the world. So the princess had to run away into the deep forest to live with the incredible seven dwarfs and to hide from the queen's wicked intentions to kill her. Though the queen failed in her many attempts to kill the lovely princess in disguise, she was successful one day to insist and tempt the princess to take a little bite of the poisoned apple and make her sleep dead. As days passed there went a prince riding into the deep forest and encountered the glass coffin made by the seven little dwarfs and found the beautiful princess laid in it. The prince instantly fell in love with her, but when he was refused to carry the beauty to the palace, he wanted to kiss her to say goodbye. The moment the prince kissed the princess, the apple bite, which probably must have stuck in her throat, came out of her mouth and fell from her lips.  And this way princess got back to her consciousness. Later the King banished the wicked queen after learning about her cruel intentions for his daughter and married the princess to the prince. Wasn't that a thrilling story with an enchanting ending? I had always loved the story and it is still one of my favorite fairy tale stories until today. There are certain genuine elements in the story which touched my heart like true love of the prince which brought Snow White back to her life, patience displayed by the princess Snow White all along her life to find the true happiness, honest, faithful friendship of the seven dwarfs, diffident beauty of the princess. All these true attributes were strong enough to withstand the wicked queen's cruel intentions and finally strike her out of the palace. The writer who thought about the story must like fairy tales and love the fantasy world though he knew fables would never be true in this real world. Most of us probably grew up learning such fantasy stories. And despite the fact, there is nothing like a magical world, many of us, including me, still read such mysterious stories and live in that fanciful world at least in our imaginations, whether it be a Snow White, Cinderella, Rappunzel, Frog Princess, or even today's blockbuster Twilight. Infact i cannot tell the whole story a fancy, because snow white struggled all her life to get what she deserved. Its just the ending that is no way in the hell possible in our real world which i call something very eerie. But where in the world anyone has seen such a strange romantic tall story happening in somebodys life? We have definitely heard about love at first sight in our world, but as far as i know i have never seen such an intense, true love happening to someone right in the very beginning which could bring back even a dead person to life.  Atleast we have legendary love couples who with their beautiful love stories created a history - like Salim and Anarkali, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, Antony and Cleopatra, Tristan and Iseult, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and so on. Their love was so true and powerful, that even after they got apart from each other either by death or some other reason, their love was so strong that it was worth making a history for us to remember and read it again and again. Many people, nowadays, think a split between a relationship to be a love failure, i would rather say it an utter failure of a relationship either because of misunderstanding or lack of trust. Even if there was at least a little bit of truth and understanding in their relationship, their love wouldn't fail. And even if they had to go separate ways instead being together, their true love would always remain in their heart as a beautiful memory. In todays generation, I see many girls/ boys trick their partners - girl friends / boy friends - into a fake relationship in the name of love and spoil the pure word love. People kill their partners in the name of love when the word love literally means giving new life and happiness. Without comprehending the true meaning of love they just make mistakes and then blame the love or the entire mankind (man or a woman) for their deeds. If i say, fairy tales like Snow White can be true even in our real world, if we try to be true to our soulmates or partners with the divine approach and the right perception which we fail to do. A true relationship can fight any kind of difficult situations easily and achieve any impossible targets in their life. And when i say true love, both the partners must equally strive to maintain the relationship based on a strong foundation called, truth and understanding. And such a love would not only create a history, but can also prove their life to be more than a fairy tale.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A trap we fall for.... easy.
During the early days of my career i was so naive of everything and everyone around. Whatever people used to tell me i would believe them blindly without thinking at least once about it. I still remember the old innocent childish games I used to play with my childhood friends, but I never knew that people play games at work as well which in no way were like the sweet, impeccant games i had experienced being a child. I grew up with the assumption that hardwork and goodness has always its place no matter what, but i learnt a complete new theory of  how the world operates when i began my career and it changed my virtuous perspective. Life, I led, beofre seemed just so perfect with the pages of all sweet memories than the life, with a fake smile, i started. It was then i realised, how people could be so mean in order to knock off their selfish motives and would do anything to survive. Money is the reason for our struggle, it is definitely one of the source of our living, but the same money is also the root cause of all the evil; and for that money people would just do anything possible in their power. If i have to be in their game I should turn exactly, myself, into one of them, otherwise they wouldn't let me live and defeat me easily with their cunning tactics. No skill, no hardwork, no dedication would save us when we fall for the traps in their game unless we are lucky. And the same thing happened to me when I wanted to go with my sinceriety and hardwork, instead playing foul games tactfully like them.
It seemed like everything was going well for me at work in the beginning, then I came across a person who deemed to be a very good friend of mine. Slowly i started to trust her, which i was not supposed to have done. Because, the truth is we can't easily trust anyone in this world and no one can make a good friend at work except in a rare case. And just like in any other relationship one must be very careful in handling the so- called friends at work who could play smart with your secrets to trap you into their game and grab the success in just few easy steps. She always used to make me feel like she was the only well wisher and a person very concerned about me and my efforts at work. Once it so happened that i had some issues with my incentives and I knew that there must've gone something wrong with the calculations. I could have dealt the whole issue very smoothly in a peaceful manner, but she took that chance and provoked me that I always act like a dumb in cases like this when I am supposed to be assertive about the whole topic. The only mistake i did was litening to her instead my instincts and made things more complicated for myself at work. Management was definitely not so fair about the incentives which i came to know in the very beginning, but there was nothing i could have done about it; and being aggressive with them only got me more enemies at work but nothing else. Instead if i had gone with my instincts and played safe i would n't have to risk my job; i was almost was about to give up my job for that issue, but luckily my boss was good enough to save me for my past reputation. It was then i learnt that falling for provocation is more or less like endangering our life and one cannot make you feel inferior about yourself without your consent.

Provocation is the trap
we fall for so easy,
It just needs a reaction
from us.
But we must be careful
not to heed it.