Saturday, February 11, 2012

Play nimble....

....or silently endure
Each one of us are born talented and that talent is an invisible gift or a weapon from our father in heaven who created us. He knows better that when we are born we would be in the safe hands of our parents, but still he never wants any human to be sent unarmed into this unpredictable world; so he bestows upon us a wonderful skill which we have to dig up at the right time and hone it perfect to use it wise. However I am not intent on nudging you by explaining the definition of talent and then how to use it. Because I know that you all are very well aware of what an intrinsic talent is and how to take care of it. I just want to throw light on something else which you would catch on very soon. Before I blab it out let me tell you something about myself and see if you could figure out what I am trying explain. Well, I am not really very good at handling overly friendly guys, because I was neither trained at it nor inherited it; and I am very much sure God would never gift this kind of talent to anyone as it is something worldly and must be either taught or learnt. Does this give you any sort of slighest hint of the subject I am going to discuss now? If your answer is no then you have to carefully refer to what I am going to address next or if it is yes then try and understand what's in store for you. I was once in a team supervised by a male boss who was an absolute chaser. He would look like a jerk with an unpleasant personality, but was also very organized in terms of his work. Unlike me, there were many girls who liked him for his flirtatious attitude and also had fallen for him very easy. Probably they had their reasons to do so or must like to flirt him back, but for me, I used to just silently endure him without saying a word or ignore his silly talk most of the time. He was exceptionally talented at the art of flirting that he would make sure not to be abusive or pushy; and he was also very clever not to make it all look like a harrassment. I know it was not something unusual and most of you must have come across this kind of supervisors in your organization who would be like - Catch two birds at one shot. There were girls who were equally talented at this kind of art and would go to any extent to lure such a boss the way he wanted to get their work done, but I could never imbibe that talent as it was not my thing. He knew I was not his type of a girl and would not fall for him like others did, but still would haunt me with his stupid playful babble. Besides this, my work shift was not as usual like other team members, because of which I would be the first to make my team and that would make me to be more watchful about him. Most of the time he used to be busy with his work and meetings, but whenever he got time he would take advantage of the situation with his dalliance and inquisition. Once he wanted to have a one to one discussion, though it was not really necessary. He took me to cafeterria during lunch time, discussed some rubbish and ate all my food. And since then he used to ask me to get lunch for him to have an excuse to sit with me. When I couldn't tolerate it any longer, I took the nerve to play little smart with him and tell him to his face that I was not going to get him lunch anymore because my mom was not going to be in town for sometime.They say that - courage is not the absence of fear but rather a judgement that something is more important than fear. The same way though I used to be fearful about his attitude toward me, yet I was courageous enough to deal with him tactfully; and sometimes with the support of my fellow team members. Thankfully, within a month he was moved to other team to handle a different project and since then I hardly saw him on the floor. And sometime later he also left the organisation for a better opportunity, but before he left he did come to see me to say good bye and also asked me to try and touch base with him, as if I would care. Many girls were heart-broken then, but for people like me it was a relief of spree. So the only mantra to cope with such a boss is - play nimble or silently endure.


  1. That's so true! The best is to play it safe and mum! Or if he's troubling you a lot just have him kicked out by your boyfriend or brother! :)

    Even I had this one fellow in college who was annoying me completely.It went so out of control that I stopped attending his calls and he kept pursuing me till I had to by chance change my mobile number.I became a free bird and everytime he asked me if something was wrong ,I'd say NO coz losers like these end up ruining our names at the end of it!

  2. Great sharing. And your attitude is very smart as I can see, like what you said other might get fall easily to your boss because of his way, but not you, because you have the talent to hold on to your principle you're not easy to get. Very interesting post, thank you for sharing Elvirah.

    Wonderful day to you:)

  3. The title of this post really sums it all up, Elvirah :-) Penned wonderfully and I always enjoy your images.

    There are many men in life who resemble the boss you mention here. They seem to think they are God's gift to women and when they find one that doesn't have an interest in them, it almost becomes a challenge for them to 'transform' that woman into one who does. Not because they are interested but just to feed their ego more :-) Maybe in your particular case, he really did desire to have you instead of the entourage who did everything but bow down to him :-)

    Kudos to you for standing up to him!

  4. It was tactful of you. Such situations are quite hard to handle especially when the person in question is your boss. I got to learn an important lesson from this post. Thanks for sharing this experience of yours.
    Take care!

  5. it happens with a lot of persons in such organisations..

    and I like your way of storytelling very much..first you generate the curiosity about what you are going to tell and then simply telling the story.....

  6. I could totally understand your uncomfortable situation and I agree that unfortunately there are many such men around. And you dealt with the situation in an extremely sensible and effective manner. You dealt with it courageously. :) And I am glad you don't face his trouble anymore.

    And you presented your experience succinctly and as an important life lesson of handling such difficult circumstances.

  7. I have been there a lot of times sis but I'm glad I survived though it is really tough..I love your post always..

    Sis just a short note I'll be away for awhile someone dear to me died so I may not regularly visit you..but I'll be back ;)

  8. I have seen many people like that boss. I don't like them either because not many of them are very good people. I think the reason you didn't like his flirtatious attitude is because you were smart enough to know that he was insincere. His attitude was a lie to trick you and other women.