Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beyond the....

.....smoky clouds
All along my childhood, whenever I looked up at the sky, I was under the wrong assumption that the white clouds, which seemed very close and reachable, is nothing but the sky yonder. I also sometimes would found pictures by tracing different shapes in the clouds which was like a nice amusement. Then I did'nt know that the serene looking pallid clouds are nothing but the tiny droplets of the water and ice which are infact closer to the earth than the sky. I didn't know that the fancy clouds would never make a way for me to reach the sky though they looked like they did and it was all nothing but a fool's paradise. I realized that the clouds are just a momentary pleasure and an illusion for the sky which come and go, but in no way are even close to that of the clear blue sky; and the blue sky is always far far beyond the white smoky clouds. It was sad to learn that part and realise that the sky had always been far beyond the illusionary sky like snowy clouds. It was also a great eye opener which made me to understand that I am never supposed to count on the clouds to make it to the distant sky. Now you must be wondering that I am being completely nuts and talking like crazy. Well no! I am not freaking out. I just want to try and present before you some of my understandings about the dreams we dream. Dreams, though not real, make a reflection of the beautiful thoughts we frame in our mind and heart. Dreams would be of many kinds - Nightmares, day dreaming or fantasizing, thoughtful and planned dreams, realistic and serious dreams etc. All of them are dreams, but not every dream is possible in real life as some dreams just couldn't become real either because there is too much fantasy in them to be true or we just give it up for some other dream; and few dreams shatter and break our heart. When one dream is not possible, there would always be a new door awaiting to be opened with a new dream which is upto us to figure out. I cannot possibly explain you why this confusion arises, but all I know is everything happens for a good reason and God's works are always beyond our understanding. But I am going to ask God, for sure, his real motive behind this entanglement, when I leave this world forever to make my stay in heaven. I know I will not come back later to explain the mystery behind it because once I am gone there I am gone forever and even if i try to do so you would run away from me. Anyway, coming back to our subject, few dreams happen instantly in a matter of time as we'd planned them to be and few take time and happen according to the will of God. We have a legend and also some true stories that explain the dreams dreamt during the night, when we are asleep, or the visions we see, while we are awake, could be a warning or a sign of a future incident that might occur in our life and can be interpreted as a prediction; thats about the nightmares and visions. We also have something called planned dreams about which we seriously look forward to make them come true and for which some times we wish and pray upon silly things, like shooting star, eye lash, rainbow, water shells etc., which we also know wouldn't do any good but still we wish upon them for fun; no offence for those who believe on them seriously. No dream is a simple or silly dream and every human who survives in this world have dreams to be accomplished. And just because a dream is not associated with money it does not mean that it is not worth to be called a dream. However, there are also dreams that need money, along with the efforts and wishes, to be fulfilled and would later lead us to make our living or earn money. Comapring oneself with someone else and trying to be more powerful than they are is never called pursuing a dream. Infact, by doing so they are inadvertently following somebody else's dream. One can definitely have a role model in their life to practice somebody's methods, because there is a huge difference between the words - comparison and role model. Any dream, whether big or small can be accomplished if one is true to their dreams, by sticking to the dream, until the end, no matter what. All we need is faith in ourselves and our endeavors which we put toward carrying out the dream; and also faith in the almighty powerful who we wish and pray upon. As we have a saying that when we want something and wish for it with all the heart and work toward it with austerity, then the entire universe will conspire in favor of us and will make it happen for us. We are never supposed to forget that our invisible wishes and prayers only give us the magical confidence to make our dream come true, but would never themselves make it happen without our involvement. No matter how we wish and what we wish for, if our wishes are not supported by faithfulness our wish would be like the smoky clouds which disappear in a moment. And just like the milky clouds which make the sky look closer our wishes make our dream easy and reachable, but they would never be the means to achieve our dream. So unless we make the right efforts with faithfulness, for our dream to come true, we wouldn't be cut out to make it beyond the white smoky clouds and reach the blue sky.