Saturday, November 19, 2011

A hug is........

.........all i need.
The very moment you saw me for the first time, you gave me that kiss with a gentle, affectionate hug. Many people took me into their arms to carress me, but i felt the real warmth and love when i was finally in your arms. Nothing could intimidate me whenever your protective arms were around me. I had my sweetest dreams of being in wonderland in your beautiful arms. You hugged me as soon as you heard me cry and comforted me in your loving arms. You made me smile and played with me by taking me into your pleasant arms and, i am glad that i was the only world to you then. I probably would have grown older without that hug, but i would've missed the opportunity of having some magical moments with you. A hug was all i needed and i never had to ask for it. I was so little to express my gratitude to you then, so am doing it now my mother.

Growing up older i had experienced this inspirational hug which'd always motivated me and encouraged me in all my endeavours. When i was lost and down, this special hug taught me to be courageous. I needed this hug to make me a strong person, to fight any kind of situation without giving up in life. I learnt many life's lessons, by being in his amazing hug, which helped me all along my life. I am so grateful to you my father for everything you've taught me and i am proud to be your daughter.
 As i grew up i realised i needed a sisterly or a brotherly hug to support and comfort me. And they'd always been there to hold me tight and say not to be afraid of anything. That hug was again something special and unforgettable. Their hug was an assurance that even if mum and dad was not there to take care of me, they'd always be there.
When i was away from my family, i had this caring friend to who'd hug me tight whenever she was happy or sad. She'd run to me and fall into my arms to say how much she had missed me and my company whenever we had to spend some time apart. She'd also hug me to make up for the little misunderstanding and the little fight we had. Her hug had always made me realise that someone else who's not my family could also be so affectionate.

When i grew young, i needed a hug that was very special to me. Then i met this special someone who had hugged me to say he loved me and would always love me forever. With this hug i also had a promise that he would stand by me, all my life, whenever i needed his support. I felt the love and warmth of a mother, and the encouragement of a father in his loving arms. This hug also assured me that we both are inseparable and would face everything in life together. Throughout all my sorrows and struggles, this comforting hug pacified and relieved me. When i needed a friend, his friendly arms were around me with a promise that he would be my best friend ever. I thank God for having such a loving partner who'd never failed to keep each promise he made.

"A hug was all i needed
 and a hug is all i need"


  1. I love hugs too.

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  2. That's why I always hug my kids because it is simply a nice feeling... Thanks for the visit, do you mind to visit me here too? Thanks Sahm’s Online Diary

  3. i loved to be hug hahaha
    it can make me feel safe and secure, it create a connection that i cannot express in words

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  4. love love love for everyone ;)

  5. One superhit Hindi Movie named 'Munnabhai MBBS' called a hug 'Jadu ki Jhappi' meaning 'The Magic of a Hug' that sometimes transforms your life! Yes hugs are very powerful and most desired!

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  6. A hug is like the magic wand..It will make your sorrows disappear..

  7. i love hug it is an important expression of affection.
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  9. i know where would we be without our friendly and loving hugs.

  10. Simply Beautiful!! :) Wow! :)

    *Hugs to you*

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