Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playing with you.....

.....hide and seek 
 I still remember those days when  i was so little, when one used to blindfold other and ask the kid who was blindfolded to seek the rest of the kids hiding around. It was really fun playing that game then, in order to pick the seeker who's supposed to be blindfolded we would write the name of each kid, in the game, on a piece of paper, fold each paper into a smal chit and when done we would gather all the chits together, jumble them and pick one chit among them. The kid whose name appears in the chit would be the seeker who would be blindfolded and taken to a different place.  

And the rest of the kids would figure out the hiding place for each one of them before the number count by the seeker begins. When the seeker starts counting numbers from one to ten, it was a signal for other kids to go hide into their hiding places. By the time count ends no one should appear anywhere around the seeker. And then the seeker would remove the cloth  which was tied to blindfold and start looking for the possible hiding places to find the kids hidden. They would already set a time period for the seeker to find atleast one kid among the hidden. If the seeker was successful in doing so, then the kid found by the seeker would be the next one to be blindfolded, and if the seeker fails he/she would remain to be the seeker for the next round as well. And this would continue as long as the game kept going on. Now whenever i try to recall those memories i feel so freshened and wonder how innocently we used to play the game without any tricks on mind. It was just a game then, but nothing more than that, to have some fun time with friends and family. But the same game i learnt then, now i play myself with my life.

Sometimes my heart plays hide and seek, and sometimes my mind. Sometimes my mind plays tricks to win over my heart. And sometimes my heart plays tricks with my eyes.  When my mind plays tricks, my heart gives up. And when my heart plays tricks, my eyes sees nothing. My heart listens to my mind in the game and my eyes follow the heart. My mind hypnotises the heart and my heart keeps my eyes in the dark. And i try to make my life look like it is walking on a red carpet. But inside, my heart silently weeps and my eyes longing to see the truth.

How could i be such a traitor to myself?
And where is that innocent me who had no tricks on mind?


  1. when i was a kid playing hide and seek with my cousins is our favorite game...
    i love this line:
    "When my mind plays tricks, my heart gives up. And when my heart plays tricks, my eyes sees nothing. My heart listens to my mind in the game and my eyes follow the heart."

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Elvirah....But honestly, there's a touch of sadness. Makes me wanna go back to those days too.

  3. Brother and I always play hide and seek with Dad. Thanks for linking up with Color Connection. I am now following this blog. Hope you ca follow mine too.

  4. I don't get to play much hide and seek when I was little. But my kids now are really enjoying this game whenever their friends are around. I love the photos you have chosen along with this post as well as with the others.

    By the way, thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.

  5. My daughter loves to play hide and seek .. enjoy reading your post ;)

  6. I like your stories, it is full of color, hope and lots of wonderful pictures.