Friday, November 25, 2011

Living in....

One day i woke up to a wonderland looking like a princess. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw everything around me was so divine and appealing. There were glittering lights all around me and a beautiful little lake of lotus flowers. It was a place i've always fantasized and imagined myself to be in; and i was so happy i could finally step into my fantasy world. As i walked further to see more wonders, i entered in a mushroom land. There i saw a dazzling little fairy, playing with its magic wand, around mushrooms. It was a thrilling experience to see such an extraordinary piece of wonder which took me by surprise. When i walked towards the fairy to have a little chat, it came flying to me and made a few circles around me with its fairy dust.
While it amused me so, i barely could see the fairy in it's fairy dust. Then it took me to a place which was amazingly mesmerising and fascinating; there i saw a big fairy, with angelic white wings and a colorful bird with blue and pink in it. It looked like they both were having some conversation which was beyond my understanding. After sometime i saw the bird disappeared in a cloud of white sparkes and i could do nothing but watch the beautiful scene in absolute awe and wonder. When i saw all that i wished i could be a fairy too, like her, then she turned to me and whipped her wand. In a moment i saw a bright light falling upon me and i was flying up in the air, turning into a beautiful fairy. It was a dream come true being in a wonderland with the fairies around and, to become one among them. As i was about to fly around with my new pink wings, i heard a voice calling me from my behind. When i turned to look back, i ended up lying in my bed and my mom sitting next to me waking me up.
It was just a dream, a beautiful dream, which made my wish come true to be a fairy. And it was a dream worth dreaming. We sometimes tend to live in a wonderland which doesn't belong in our real world, but it feels so magical and blissful, daydreaming about it. Woudn't it be great having such a wonderland where we can really go visit and make all our wishes come true? I know its impossible to live such a fairy tale in real world, but i am thankful to God i have dreams to dream about my magical land.


  1. What a beautiful thought. It really would be wonderful to be able to have such dreams as this where we can go visit our fantasy world from time to time.

  2. As I read this post, it feels like going back to the childish side of me. I once dream of becoming a fairy and living in a wonderland too wherein I can grant the less fortunate or the chosen one's wishes. I enjoy being here and thank you for he visits and commenting to my blog.

  3. All i can say? Fantastic blog this is.

  4. It would be a nice fantasy dream to live in wonderland even for a minute. I love it!

    BTW, you have a very nice template. The design is so cool! I like it!

    Thanks for always visiting my sites. I appreciate it! God Bless.....

  5. I think we all dreaming for this. Sana nga fairy n lang ako ehehe.