Friday, September 30, 2011

My Heart is Pouring with Joy

Do you want to share the joy? Celebrate it....

Who would not like to have a celebration in their life? Your joyous moments are something very special, unforgettable and such moments of pleasure do not knock the door every day.  So you celebrate, share the joy with others and make them part of your happiness. Its a day you want others to be happy for you, for the difference the day has made in your life. Reason may be whatever, or no reason, who cares, as long as its a matter of happiness; throw a party, crash a party, pamper, strengthen and relax your moods.

Ocassions like birthdays, weddings, get togethers.. come and go, but the remarkable moments these special days leave in your mind and heart makes your  whole life filled with some unforgettable memories. And life with such thrilling moments makes the journey more beautiful and fascinating.

Do you also party? What makes you to celebrate? 
And how do you celebrate your most precious

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Love You

....a rose like feeling

Love is a bliss, an ecstasy that makes people feel wonderful, special and adorable. Being in love and to be loved is a blessing and not all in the world would have such an amazing opportunity. It is such a thrilling and exciting feeling which is difficult to express in words sometimes. Love makes you feel beautiful and the most special person ever. About Love it was so quoted in the great book of Bible : "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love".

In love, everything around looks beautiful, mesmerizing and magical. Love is the only thing that strengthens and binds the relationships together, can you deny that? Some may try and deny it so but the fact remains forever; and that nobody can erase. Love makes everything seems possible and it is also a strong powerful feeling which works wonders in your life. I might not have defined it so beautifully as you could do, but tried to put together my experiences.

Guess you can love anything in the world, after all love is not just meant for couples or any living thing. And everyone has their own way of expressing it out loud, is it not?.

How about your experience and definition of Love? Do you have any words for it?

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Bridal Collection

Wedding Gowns

I have great passion of collecting various designs of wedding gowns and i would love to wear one such gown on my wedding day. A long white gown with a veil over your head and flowers in your hands, makes you feel like a princess, complete, perfect and gorgeous. Its every girl dream to make their wedding day a perfect day ever, a most memorable day; and the glance of the wedding gown makes you realise that you are one such special woman in the world who is going to make your dream come true. You feel like the gown is only made for you and nobody would ever feel so perfect in the world than you do in the gown. No matter what you do, how much you spend your wedding day, nothing else could replace the joyous feeling, a wedding gown makes you feel.

The bliss and the excitement, a wedding gown fills in your heart is countless and amazing. For a while it feels like you are the most happiest soul in the world. Its such a fascinating and wonderful feeling, when everybody fix their eyes at you while you walk down the ailse with the most mesmerizing gown and a beautiful smile. I am sure all of you women already married had such a wonderful moment in your life; and all those to be wedded women must be very excited about these special moments to happen in your life. I just wish all of you a happy and prosperous life.