Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sleeping beauty and.....

.....the hiding princess.
Long back i heard the story of a princess who was as fair as snow, with the lips so red like the blood and hair so black like a black raven. She was a charming little girl with an innocent beauty, but was loathed to death by the wicked queen, her step mother, for being the fairest among all the fair women existed. The queen was also a  beautiful lady, but was deeply obsessed with her fair skin and wanted to be the only fairest and the only beautiful women in the world. So the princess had to run away into the deep forest to live with the incredible seven dwarfs and to hide from the queen's wicked intentions to kill her. Though the queen failed in her many attempts to kill the lovely princess in disguise, she was successful one day to insist and tempt the princess to take a little bite of the poisoned apple and make her sleep dead. As days passed there went a prince riding into the deep forest and encountered the glass coffin made by the seven little dwarfs and found the beautiful princess laid in it. The prince instantly fell in love with her, but when he was refused to carry the beauty to the palace, he wanted to kiss her to say goodbye. The moment the prince kissed the princess, the apple bite, which probably must have stuck in her throat, came out of her mouth and fell from her lips.  And this way princess got back to her consciousness. Later the King banished the wicked queen after learning about her cruel intentions for his daughter and married the princess to the prince. Wasn't that a thrilling story with an enchanting ending? I had always loved the story and it is still one of my favorite fairy tale stories until today. There are certain genuine elements in the story which touched my heart like true love of the prince which brought Snow White back to her life, patience displayed by the princess Snow White all along her life to find the true happiness, honest, faithful friendship of the seven dwarfs, diffident beauty of the princess. All these true attributes were strong enough to withstand the wicked queen's cruel intentions and finally strike her out of the palace. The writer who thought about the story must like fairy tales and love the fantasy world though he knew fables would never be true in this real world. Most of us probably grew up learning such fantasy stories. And despite the fact, there is nothing like a magical world, many of us, including me, still read such mysterious stories and live in that fanciful world at least in our imaginations, whether it be a Snow White, Cinderella, Rappunzel, Frog Princess, or even today's blockbuster Twilight. Infact i cannot tell the whole story a fancy, because snow white struggled all her life to get what she deserved. Its just the ending that is no way in the hell possible in our real world which i call something very eerie. But where in the world anyone has seen such a strange romantic tall story happening in somebodys life? We have definitely heard about love at first sight in our world, but as far as i know i have never seen such an intense, true love happening to someone right in the very beginning which could bring back even a dead person to life.  Atleast we have legendary love couples who with their beautiful love stories created a history - like Salim and Anarkali, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, Antony and Cleopatra, Tristan and Iseult, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and so on. Their love was so true and powerful, that even after they got apart from each other either by death or some other reason, their love was so strong that it was worth making a history for us to remember and read it again and again. Many people, nowadays, think a split between a relationship to be a love failure, i would rather say it an utter failure of a relationship either because of misunderstanding or lack of trust. Even if there was at least a little bit of truth and understanding in their relationship, their love wouldn't fail. And even if they had to go separate ways instead being together, their true love would always remain in their heart as a beautiful memory. In todays generation, I see many girls/ boys trick their partners - girl friends / boy friends - into a fake relationship in the name of love and spoil the pure word love. People kill their partners in the name of love when the word love literally means giving new life and happiness. Without comprehending the true meaning of love they just make mistakes and then blame the love or the entire mankind (man or a woman) for their deeds. If i say, fairy tales like Snow White can be true even in our real world, if we try to be true to our soulmates or partners with the divine approach and the right perception which we fail to do. A true relationship can fight any kind of difficult situations easily and achieve any impossible targets in their life. And when i say true love, both the partners must equally strive to maintain the relationship based on a strong foundation called, truth and understanding. And such a love would not only create a history, but can also prove their life to be more than a fairy tale.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A trap we fall for.... easy.
During the early days of my career i was so naive of everything and everyone around. Whatever people used to tell me i would believe them blindly without thinking at least once about it. I still remember the old innocent childish games I used to play with my childhood friends, but I never knew that people play games at work as well which in no way were like the sweet, impeccant games i had experienced being a child. I grew up with the assumption that hardwork and goodness has always its place no matter what, but i learnt a complete new theory of  how the world operates when i began my career and it changed my virtuous perspective. Life, I led, beofre seemed just so perfect with the pages of all sweet memories than the life, with a fake smile, i started. It was then i realised, how people could be so mean in order to knock off their selfish motives and would do anything to survive. Money is the reason for our struggle, it is definitely one of the source of our living, but the same money is also the root cause of all the evil; and for that money people would just do anything possible in their power. If i have to be in their game I should turn exactly, myself, into one of them, otherwise they wouldn't let me live and defeat me easily with their cunning tactics. No skill, no hardwork, no dedication would save us when we fall for the traps in their game unless we are lucky. And the same thing happened to me when I wanted to go with my sinceriety and hardwork, instead playing foul games tactfully like them.
It seemed like everything was going well for me at work in the beginning, then I came across a person who deemed to be a very good friend of mine. Slowly i started to trust her, which i was not supposed to have done. Because, the truth is we can't easily trust anyone in this world and no one can make a good friend at work except in a rare case. And just like in any other relationship one must be very careful in handling the so- called friends at work who could play smart with your secrets to trap you into their game and grab the success in just few easy steps. She always used to make me feel like she was the only well wisher and a person very concerned about me and my efforts at work. Once it so happened that i had some issues with my incentives and I knew that there must've gone something wrong with the calculations. I could have dealt the whole issue very smoothly in a peaceful manner, but she took that chance and provoked me that I always act like a dumb in cases like this when I am supposed to be assertive about the whole topic. The only mistake i did was litening to her instead my instincts and made things more complicated for myself at work. Management was definitely not so fair about the incentives which i came to know in the very beginning, but there was nothing i could have done about it; and being aggressive with them only got me more enemies at work but nothing else. Instead if i had gone with my instincts and played safe i would n't have to risk my job; i was almost was about to give up my job for that issue, but luckily my boss was good enough to save me for my past reputation. It was then i learnt that falling for provocation is more or less like endangering our life and one cannot make you feel inferior about yourself without your consent.

Provocation is the trap
we fall for so easy,
It just needs a reaction
from us.
But we must be careful
not to heed it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Best medicine..... and around us.
Who doesn't dream of a life so smooth and serene? I do. Even a little child, with innocent heart, who has just started with the life's journey, tremble and fear if the mother is not around. There is no way for them to understand the definition of worry, but they go through it without having somebody to teach them. They know how to sense and react to their loved ones if they are around. Infact, i learnt that infants when they are still in the mother's womb try to understand and copy the mother and the father; this is how we inherit most of our parent's characteristics. It's in our nature to experience all kinds of emotions right from the beginning, until we die. Every emotion we exhibit has an opposite reaction within us like worry comes with fear, happiness with excitement, love comes with trust, sadness with sorrow and so on. No doubt fear, worry, sadness, anger etc have a negative effect on our life, but we also have our own medicines such as love, comfort, happiness etc, to turn everything positive and feel better. God has made us so wonderfully that we have everything within us to fix anything that comes along our way. It is not an easy job to have the courage to stand up and stay strong for all that which tries to make our life miserable. But when we believe in our inner strength we can fight anything capable of ruining our stability. Why fear when we have the courage, why get angry and mess up things when things can be solved peacefully, why be sad and worry when we have a hope for better tomorrow and, why cry when we can embrace the joy and happiness being thankful for what we are. Threats and challenges in life are inevitable; they might look powerful to shake our life's- balance for a while, but they do not have enough power to shatter our life and bring us down. The willpower within us has enough strength to stand against any kind of storm that would try to hit us. Each of our inner strength has the ability to heal us in its best possible way, but of all the medicines, laughter has the power to heal any kind of mental illness we suffer from. A happy and a content person can multiply his smiles with the life he leads every moment and be successful in living a longer and better life. Just like we need regular exercise to keep up with the good health, happiness inside drives away all the worries, pain, fear and pressure and helps us to maintain a healthy life style. There is no other medicine so best like laughter with happiness in our beautiful world. So laugh whole-heartedly as if there is no tomorrow.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Along with the beauty....

....also comes thorns.
I have not seen a flower, so beautiful, like rose and a rose without thorns. There are, of course, many beautiful flowers in the world, but rose is unique in its beauty and fragrance. I wonder why God made rose like that with its stem covered with thorns. But i think the same thorns safeguard the flower, rose, from being touched by any harmful creature and help to retain its beauty. In order to fancy the rose and take pleasure in it we must be careful about the thorns around. Only if we could trim the branch off the thorns, we would be able to take it into our tender hands, feel the soft petals and smell the enchanting aroma. Rose comes in different colors and each color represents a feeling or emotion. We use Red rose to express Love, Yellow to make friends and keep up with them and so on. A thornless Rose signifies - Love at first sight - but such Love has no stability or base. It could either make or break your life and there is no certainity in that. Rose is used as a beauty product to pamper our skin and also for decorative purposes or floral arrangements. It is used for various other purposes like cooking, medicine and rose extracts can be transformed into a pleasant smelling perfume. People love to have different kinds of rose plants grown in their garden because of its enthralling beauty. For us what matters is the beauty of the flower, but not its thorns, though we know that the thorns may prick our fingers to bleed. Even the Rose not in its full form, a bud, would motivate us to be hopeful and maintain the positive feelings for the blooming season. Just like the flower rose we cannot imagine to adorn our innerself without facing the thorns of life and going through the pain. A goldsmith cannot make beautiful ornaments without letting the gold to go through the burning furnace. In order to be admired for our beauty, thorns and pain are must in life and without them life would never exhibit the true beauty. We would be able to reflect the beautiful Rose only if we go through hardships, trials and tribulations. A Rose is still a flower and has a very short span of life to live with its beauty, but the beauty that is enhanced inside us will live forever in somebodys heart.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My First.... adventure
Cooking has never been my cup of tea and kitchen would always be a mess if i am around. My mom and sister has enough patience to work wonders in the kitchen which i lack in myself. The only time i find myself in the kitchen is when there is no one home and i feel like i have no choice. This doesn't mean that this room intimidates me and i am just a jerk with no knowledge of the tools there, its just that i feel i don't belong there. But there were also days when i was a teenager in college i used to experiment the stuff i would watch on TV and made my family victims of my awful cooking. Sometimes i have this crazy impulse of doing something great with the little abilities i possess and that's when my family gets alert. My family don't trust me in the kitchen because they know that i would ruin their appetite with my stupid experiments. But it is also true that if i make up my mind exhibiting a little patience, i just do wonders there. There are certain dishes which only i can cook better in the family and thats when my mom gets a break and feel restful of my presence in the kitchen. You wouldn't believe me if i say that i learnt my first dish from my brother. He is not a great cook either, but, apparently, he ate it somewhere and when he tried it turned out to be an interesting recipe. Do you want to know what that recipe is? Sandwich, yes its that simple sounding dish and i say its our kind of sandwich. When i said our kind of sandwich what i meant is a perfectly roasted bread slices in golden brown with the cooked vegetables potatoes along with onions and tomatoes stuffed in between. I don't like a sandwich with a raw stuff in it, and neither anyone in my family. When my brother first tried it home we didn't even have a micro-oven, so he made it on a frying pan. I usually don't bother to remember things i learn in the kitchen, but this one somehow made its room in my mind and i never forgot its recipe. After that, it was me who made it whenever family wanted to eat sandwich. I am glad i learnt it because its very easy to cook anytime, besides i master it in my family. Its not just my family who liked it, but also my friends and neibhourhood family friends and, all those who tasted it, for that matter. And ofcourse this was not the only dish i mastered, but i have quite a list that follows it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Every moment.... a precious moment.
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." - Someone said it wisely that our happiness lies in the beauty around us. I think there wouldn't be a person in this world who doesn't admire the beauty. We have so many nature lovers across the world who dare to do any kind of dangerous adventures to capture the beauties of nature.  Our poetic heroes and heroines elaborate their intense lines of poetry from the inspiration of the rich, vivid colors of our mesmerizing nature. God's creation has tremendous intriguing wonders waiting for us to discover them - the terrifying thick forests has its own mysteries hidden in it, we have deep waters with the incredible sea life growing beyond our imagination.There is no way we would be able to describe the lovely beauty around us  which amazes us with its each little secret, by bringing the joy out of our heart. I think there is no greater bliss than the joy of living in the world so wonderfully made. No man with their knowledge would ever be able to re-make another beautiful world like this. Even the possibility of such an imagination is out of our reach; and how dare we match our almighty's extraordinary thinking?

Aside from this world's beauty, there is a more masterly beauty he has created with his hands in his own image. And this natures beauty is hundred times worth any other beauties of the world, because God made man and woman in his own likeness. He made them with the sole purpose of having dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Such a great power was given to the mankind by God, but still we worry. We worry about those things which we think are more necessary, which is nowhere near the wonderful, amusing nature's treasure amidst us and within us. We are essentially very selfish creatures and with such selfishness in mind we forget to live life better with laughter and ecstasy. We try to destroy the long lasting beauty of happiness within us and desire for the things that has always been a momentary joy. By doing this we forget the most important essence of our living, that is our happiness. No matter what sort of lifestyle we choose and how rich we are in earthly possessions, if we lack the treasure of joy in us there is no meaning to our life. Happiness is the strength of our life and reflects the true beauty within us. And if we possess that true beauty, nothing in this world would matter much and no pain would cause any kind of worry; as learning to live happy in every kind of circumstance brings the real joy in our life.

Every moment in our life,
is a precious moment.
So fill every moment,
 with the true happiness.
Because True happiness
 reflects the undeniable beauty,
 and that beauty is a joy forever.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Out at the door.....

.....knocking for you.
 Sunday's always one of the lovely days for me. I get to spend most of the time in the church with God's people and also i get to hear some wonderful teachings along with the meaningful, heart touching stories. On one usual sundays, one of the God's servant elucidated this mesmerizing story which i am going to tell you now. There was a very religious and devoted person who had to travel across the river to get his necessities. He had a boat and also a driver to drive it whenever he had to ride in it to the other side of the river. Unfortunately that day the driver was not available, for some reason he couldn't make it, so this person had to drive the boat on his own to travel across. When he was in the middle of the river, it so happened that something went wrong with the boat and he couldn't take control of the wheel and fell down in the river. Then he suddenly realised that he didn't know swimming and the only thing that crossed his mind was to pray God. So he faithfully prayed God, pleading him to come to his rescue and help him from drowning.

As he was praying, in sometime, he heard a voice very close him. "Hey man, take my hand and get on the boat." 

When he anxiously turned to see, wondering it must be an angel from God, he saw one of his neighbour who was paddling by in a boat. Then this religious person soon declined. "No, thanks. I prayed God, so he will save me.",

He somehow caught hold of his boat by clinging to it and kept praying God. After sometime, he saw a bit boat passing by. A young man from this big boat asked the boat driver to halt it for a while and jumped into the river out of generosity and asked the religious person, if he wanted any help. He declined again saying. "No, God will save me. You go on."

Time passed by and he was still praying and waiting for God to send his angles to his rescue. But suddenly the boat started to sink down and he was also drowning down with it. He yelled out with pain to God. "God please help your servant."

In the nick of time, he heard someone yelling out at him from above. When he looked up, he saw a guy on a ladder with his hand reached out for him. The religious person would have been saved from drowning, but he declines again and eventually drowns.

Finaly he looses his life and his spirit was taken to God. When he found himself in the presence of God, he looked upto God and in an angry tone asked. "God, i prayed you with all my faith and belief, but you still let me die. I was very righteous and devoted to you; i neither hurt anyone or cheated a person in my lifetime and i was regular to church. But why didn't you come to my rescue when i needed your help?"

God Replied. "I did send you help, but you declined it thrice. I first sent your neighbour, next a young man from that big boat and lastly as you were drowning, i sent a man in a helicopter."

Sometimes when we are in trouble and in need, many opportunities knock at the door. But we ignore and decline them thinking that they are not right for us. No matter how little an opportunity is, we must embrace it and thank God, because he knows better what we need.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Beautiful dove eyes.....

.....brooding in pain.
Isn't it sounding symphonic when you hear the word "Dove Eyes". I used to wonder why the human eyes were compared to the eyes of a bird so innocent, Dove, by some historic writers. The bird, Dove, signifies peace and tranquility; this was the bird our ancestors once used like a peace messenger. It was one of the means of communication then and people used to send or receive messages through this bird, which means it is considered to be
trustworthy. It is trustworthy because this bird has a divine virtue to keep its eyes focused on one particular goal; its eyes always stay fixed on only one thing until it is done. And no matter how far the destination is and how difficult the journey is, it would make sure it travels so far to pass on the message, but would never turn back. So i think when those writers described the the human or human eyes in comparison to those of Dove, they must've imagined the eyes of a human to be so trustworthy and focused; or probably they must've either encountered a human who was so just like a bird, Dove. Whatever the case may be, the bird is angelic, divine and pure in heart which reflects in its eyes.

The point is : Is there any chance my eyes can be described so? I'd definitely would like someone to praise my eyes, calling them "Beautiful Dove Eyes", but do i have that pleasant nature in me to be called so? Are my eyes really so righteously aligned toward my destination, like Dove? I am afraid i don't, becasue i have no serenity in me. I lost that beauty of innocence when the iniquity and malice hovered me, and when i was a victim of my pride and arrogance. When i see any kind of pain or trouble on my way and if i find the destined path to be so far, like a traitor i forget my morals and turn back. My eyes aren't trustworthy, they are not focused, and and they just can't stand any trouble along the path. So my eyes turned brooding becasue they are not worthy to stand in comparison to those of Dove in anyway. But i don't need to be worried because i haven't yet lost the chance for my eyes to be called, "Beautiful Dove Eyes" and, i hope to make myself blend into the character of such a wonderful bird.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life without you....

.....i can't imagine.
I was once a rebellious and a naughty child and used to do all terrible things that could annoy my parents. I had this unnecessary stupid assumption on my mind that my parents loved my sister more than me. Sometimes i would even hurt my sister because of my rotten behaviour. I once hit her in head just because i couldn't tolerate anymore that she was loved more than me. Then i didn't know the reason why my parents loved her so much; they had a reason of course. She had some health problems and was a weaker child than me and my brother which i couldn't really understand then. When it got to my mother's attention that i had hurt my sister by hitting her in head, she instead getting mad at me, took me and my sister out. She took both of us to an icecream parlour and got us our favourite icecream. I wondered why she was acting like that, so cool. Then she told both of us a story - There were three brothers named Love, Hope and Faith. All the three were the most wisest and powerful than anyone else who lived in that town; and without three of them living life there was almost impossible to imagine for the people in the town. Love was more powerful and greatest than Hope and Faith, but the three of them had equally the same charm. Hope had the magical power of healing someone whose life was miserable out of hopelessness. Faith was good at making someone believe in things which they were most doubtful about. And Love would play an integral part to solve almost any kind of problem, so would always accompany Hope or Faith. It had the most incredible power of healing anyone with its soft spoken magical spell which would also make the job of Hope or Faith more easy. Love had this most beautiful trait, that it would spend more time with those who need more attention and were weaker than others. Everone in the town would understand the language of love better than hope and faith, so no matter if somebody is naive of the language spoken by Hope or Faith, they would definitely listen to Love. Thus whoever believed in Love, would eventually learnt the language of Hope and Faith and also believed in them for a better cure.

After telling the story, She asked. "Now you heard the story, so tell me who needs more attention of Love?

I said "a more feeble person."

Then mom explained, "Yes, the same way your sister needs more attention and more love of everybody in the house, even yours. If you also love your sister, her weakness would disappear very soon and then you both would be loved equally. When you start loving your sister, i'd wager you would slowly begin to have faith in all of us that we love you as well and also hope for better things in life instead being unpleasant for the things you don't have."

Without love in the word, the world would be more or less like a hell; and without love in and around us we'd probably living like monsters. My life would have been miserable without the color of love, hope and faith in it. I don't know about others, but i can't imagine to live life without the Love, faith and hope just like i need air to breathe.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A new beginning.....

.....with new hopes
Life so far has been challenging with success after failures and struggles with hopes. Looking back the only thing i'd want to remember is the lessons and the morals i had learnt from life, the failures that made me to stand strong with courage, and the support of the loved ones all along. No regrets for the mistakes of the past, as the same mistakes helped me to learn valuable lessons to live life better. No sullenness or nothing bad in heart for anyone who had hurt me for reason or no reason, because my memory is so weak to remember such things. And i am thankful to God for his lovingkindness and tender mercies he had showered upon me throughout my life until now and i would never dare to forget all the benefits and the wonderworks he had done in my life. The pain of the lost glory has almost faded away as the rising hopes of the new light is blooming slowly with each day and each sunrise. Now i have no complains with anyone or anything becasue i want to look ahead and wait patiently for all the good things that are in store for me in the years to come. I might face some new challenges or see few more failures, but i am not anymore afraid as i have the knowledge of the lessons learnt so far and the strength to overcome anything worse with the courage that is built in me. And most of all i am glad i have a great father in heaven who is so loving and caring and who is the strength of my life. So i bid farewell  to all the past years and the year 2011, in humbleness and with thanksgiving and, welcome the new year 2012 with new hopes and new beginning.

Wish you all a blessed and a happy new year 2012