Monday, January 23, 2012

Best medicine..... and around us.
Who doesn't dream of a life so smooth and serene? I do. Even a little child, with innocent heart, who has just started with the life's journey, tremble and fear if the mother is not around. There is no way for them to understand the definition of worry, but they go through it without having somebody to teach them. They know how to sense and react to their loved ones if they are around. Infact, i learnt that infants when they are still in the mother's womb try to understand and copy the mother and the father; this is how we inherit most of our parent's characteristics. It's in our nature to experience all kinds of emotions right from the beginning, until we die. Every emotion we exhibit has an opposite reaction within us like worry comes with fear, happiness with excitement, love comes with trust, sadness with sorrow and so on. No doubt fear, worry, sadness, anger etc have a negative effect on our life, but we also have our own medicines such as love, comfort, happiness etc, to turn everything positive and feel better. God has made us so wonderfully that we have everything within us to fix anything that comes along our way. It is not an easy job to have the courage to stand up and stay strong for all that which tries to make our life miserable. But when we believe in our inner strength we can fight anything capable of ruining our stability. Why fear when we have the courage, why get angry and mess up things when things can be solved peacefully, why be sad and worry when we have a hope for better tomorrow and, why cry when we can embrace the joy and happiness being thankful for what we are. Threats and challenges in life are inevitable; they might look powerful to shake our life's- balance for a while, but they do not have enough power to shatter our life and bring us down. The willpower within us has enough strength to stand against any kind of storm that would try to hit us. Each of our inner strength has the ability to heal us in its best possible way, but of all the medicines, laughter has the power to heal any kind of mental illness we suffer from. A happy and a content person can multiply his smiles with the life he leads every moment and be successful in living a longer and better life. Just like we need regular exercise to keep up with the good health, happiness inside drives away all the worries, pain, fear and pressure and helps us to maintain a healthy life style. There is no other medicine so best like laughter with happiness in our beautiful world. So laugh whole-heartedly as if there is no tomorrow.


  1. Yes, laughter does help to deal with the inevitable ups and downs of life. Kids are full of laughter so it's good to hang out with them. :-)

  2. So so true! I think being in the company of reaalll postive people makes us laugh more!

    Awesome post ,Elvirah! :)

  3. We may be the most wonderful creation there is. All life is precious because of the same reasons you talk about. Emotions, good and bad, are some of the most wonderful things about us.

  4. Hello Elvirah :)

    This writing is penned wonderfully! I am a great believer in inner strength conquering all and laughter having medicinal qualities of healing :) I needed some serenity tonight and I do believe I just found some here ~ thank you!

    Thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. A new reader always brings a smile to my face :)

    Best Wishes,

    P.S. ~ Looks like we both like purple and passion :D We'll get along grand! The title of your blog has made me ponder the concept of life being an art . . . I love it and it's true! Very creative :)

    1. Hello Fiona,

      Yes it looks like we both have one thing in commom, purple and passion and i am sure we ll get along well, like you said. I am very glad that you stopped by and wrote some nice words for me and the post. And also it feels so nice to hear that you found some serenity by going through my blog. Thank You.

  5. Hey!
    Your writings are really nice.. they feel familiar. :)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! :)

    Good day ahead :)

    1. I am sure they do sound familiar, thanks for your wonderful words.

  6. The yin and yang of life. We have to have good and bad to balance each other out.

    I once heard a story by the artist Marshall Arisman. His grandmother stopped him in his tracks and said something like, "You are drawing too many pictures. Your voice needs to balance out your art. Lecture, sing, play an instrument, anything to hear sounds come out of your mouth. I thought that was an interesting perspective.

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