Wednesday, December 28, 2011


......wake up now
My mom used to call me sleepyhead, because i always was the last person to get up from the bed. I used to be so lazy even to turn off the alarm and my mom would do that honour for me. And finally after so many visits to my bedroom, by my mom, i used to wake up from sleep. It was a daily routine for my mohter when i was a school going kid. She never would get mad at me no matter how difficult it was for her to manage kitchen, others in the family and as well as me and i think, probably, it must be the same case with most of the mothers handling their children during morning. On one sunday when i was in sunday school, teacher told us a beautiful story from the Bible about a little boy named Samuel.
The story was like this - When Samuel was very little, just about three years old, his mother Hannah took him to the chief priest of Israel Eli who would look after the tabernacle (church) of God. She left the little boy there with Eli as she had promised God that she would offer her first child to the Lord's service if God granted her wish to conceive a baby boy. Hannah was barren when she prayed and promised God about this and she was honest enough to keep the same promise she made to God. Samuel must've cried when his mother left him, but Eli, the chief prieft was very loving and took care of the little boy Samuel very well. Thus Samuel grew with the grace of God and the blessings of Eli. Though Samuel was very little, he never complained about anything and was devoted to the Lord's service with all dedication. Eli was also very concerned and caring toward the boy and gave him the all the little responsibilties and duties that Samuel could do at his age. One of the duties of Samuel was to stay in the tabernacle all night, close the doors at night and then open them in the morning.And one night God spoke to Samuel in a vision : He heard a voice calling him and Samuel was quick enough to wake up from the sleep. As he thought Eli must had called him, he went straight to Eli. But when Eli said that he hadn't called him, he went back to his bed and this happend twice like that. Second time when Eli saw Samuel, he realised that it must be God who called the little boy, so he asked Samuel to respond to the voice saying "Speak Lord, here i am". Samuel did exactly the same way Eli told him to do when he heard the voice third time and thus God spoke to Samuel in a vision. God told Samuel that he would perish Eli's sons who had been so wicked all the time to God's people. And this way Samuel grew in favour with the Lord and with men and became a chief priest of the tabernacle when he was old enough.

With this story the sunday school teacher told us a lesson that one must always be alert in order to have blessings from the Lord to become what we want and to be successful in life. That story was kind of wake up call for me and since then i always woke up soon after the alarm ring without mom having to visit me and wake me up. And this story had always been a great reminder to me whenever i was lazy toward my goal.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Why do i have to make them?

The year of 2011 is almost at its edge. In just a few days we are going to step into a new year, 2012. Many must be very excited to welcome the new year in their best possible way and must be planning to do something really big. And before the new year fever begins some think of making a list of new resolutions to be followed for the next year and if successful also for rest of the years. But the question is : can anyone really keep up with their resolutions atleast for a week? I am sure there must be few who would be so strict about their resolutions and try to follow atleast few or all of them. Actually its a good thing to be committed to your resolutions and keep up with them. Resolutions, what they say, help you to develop in you some self-discipline and orderliness. But i must say i have never been a fan of making resolutions at the brink of the year to follow it next new year regularly.
Whenever people asked me if i'd had made any list of resolutions for the coming year, my mind would just go blank. There were also instances when i made fake resolutions just to make sure i had a list to tell people if i were asked supposedly. I never really knew what to say because making resolution only at that point of time was just meaningless to me and i was never so serious about it. I probably was too lazy to think of the list or afraid that i might not be able to keep up with them. Sometimes i used to wonder if i were the only idiot who never think of making any resolutions for the new year; and i still wonder why it is so important only at the end of the year, why not in between?.  Making resolutions only on the first day of the new year never made any sense to me. But one thing is true, whenever i was resolved on something i'd just done it and even now if i want to do something i would just do it and i am very particular about it. I think this is the reason why i always run out of the ideas to make resolutions at the end of the year. What i always think is if there is something on my mind and i want to do it, i must do it then instead postponing it and then expect to follow it later when the right time comes. New year is definitely a year of new beginning with new hopes and new thinkings, but all days in the new year would begin the same way as it was before. The day begins with the sunrise and ends with the sunset; there would be another summer, another spring, ther would be rains and also winter again. I do admit there could be also days with full of disasters, disappointments or more happier moments, but one thing is true sorrow after happiness and happiness after sorrow is a cycle and one cannot deny it. I can always hope for a better tomorrow, but can never delay what i am supposed to do now. And it is also true that there is nothing wrong in making resolutions on the first day of new year, but i must think of something new which i can adhere to all throughout my life and never postpone.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall and Rise........

.....Rise and Shine
In my childhoold i used to be so careless that i would often trip over something and tumble down. Though i was very little then, i used to be very self conscious about it. I had this stupid notion then - that being clumsy and  falling often was something to be very ashamed of; and that gut feeling would also make me paranoid. And sometimes, though, i used to walk carefully watching my steps, i would fall down becuase i was just so helpless about it. Thankfully, i got rid of this problem as i grew older. It's not that i never fell down since then, but the frequency definitely slowed down to a great extent :).
Once it so happened that i took part in a fashion show programme at my work on the occasion of some get together party. And when i was practicing the cat walk in a room with others i just slipped accidentally being unsteady and fell down. There were so many on the floor who stared at me when this happened; few were practicing and others were watching us. As soon as i fell, i quickly got up, looking composed and started my practice again. I felt very awkward, though, inside and couldn't get that off my mind feeling paranoid until the end of the day. After going home i still kept thinking about it, and i made up my mind i would give up on the whole idea of taking part in the fashion show. Next day my friend pushed me not to give up and took me with her to the practice room. I was still a bit paranoid, but did practice slowly building up my confidence level. I, later, realised that feeling awkward about it wouldn't just do any good to me. It is better that i clear my mind and focus on what i need to do. By the end of the day i felt very confident and paranoia was completely off my mind. And on the day of the programme i walked the ramp so confidently that i dazzled the ramp. Many of my colleagues and friends couldn't believe that i could be so stunning on the ramp and they admired my confidence. If i'd given up on it before when i was feeling low, i would have missed one of my best days in my life. And this taught me a lesson that i should never give up on anything so easily no matter how weak i am at it.

"Though i fall, i must rise.
i must rise and i must shine."

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ring the bells.....

.....spread the magic

Christmas is just around the corner with its magic sparkles spread across the world. I can hear the christmas bells ringing in the air and the voices singing "Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way....and....Christmas, Christmas happy time we sing". I can feel my pulse quicken when i see the rush of december and the happy holidays. Everybody's waiting anxiously for the Santa and his reindeer to arrive and surprise them with the beautiful presents. All busy preparing wonderful delicacies and excited to wear the new clothes.It feels great to imagine the sweet smell of the delicious Christmas cake with all the fabulous flavours. The miraculous, magical day is nearing and my heart is bursting with joy and excitement; and i am afraid my it might explode anytime.  

What a magical month it is! A month of love, joy, fun and forgiveness. I dont want my heart to explode, instead i want to share the love, joy and fun with everyone around; both high and low, rich and poor. I want to spread the forgiveness and forgive everyone, i've been delaying, for everything; including myself for anythig i haven't. I want to let go of all the painful memories and the dreadful sorrows. For a moment i am going to  forget all the burdens and leave the stress behind; because it is time to celebrate and only celebrate. And there is no fun like celebrating it, being together, with all the family, near and dear ones. Christmas is for everyone, children, young and old; it doesn't make a distinction. So let's ring the bells, sing a song and spread the true magic of Christmas around the world.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wish i were in Bethlehem....

.....Wish i had seen him.
Since my childhood, it had always been my wish to had seen the baby Jesus in manger and the wonders that happened in Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus. Those were the cold months of winter with the cold breeze gust fluttering everywhere around the Bethlehem. It looked like the cold breeze was dancing and whispering everyone to breathe its fresh air, probably because it had visited manger and  had seen the baby Jesus. I wish i were that whffing cold breeze that was swirling and singing in the air, and trying to peek in the little manger sneakingly. I'd had dared not near him and cling to the tender skin of the baby Jesus, but glanced at the baby Jesus, laid in a manger, so adorable. 

He was laid in a little manger in a trough spread with fresh hay and the cattle were around, lowing. Who would like to choose a manger for a great occasion like that when they had everything in the world at their feet? But our eternal king chose such a manger in lower state. The manger must've felt so happy that it was given such an incredible opportunity to serve him in it's best possible way. It had seen the star that appeared in the sky that night and the sheperds and the wise men visiting it to worship the lord Jesus. I wish i were the manger that was very lucky enough to had sheltered the baby Jesus all night and to had seen all the wonders that happened after his birth there. 
It was then i heard a voice in me saying "you are more lucky than that cold breeze and the dirty little manger". When i looked around, i saw no one. Then i figured it came from inside me and it was my conscience. Ofcourse it was right, i am lucky becasue he chose me who was like the cold breeze not worthy enough to see him or touch him. And he chose my dirty litte heart like the manger, to stay in there forever, not just a night. I am more lucky because he promised that he would never leave me until the end of the world. Now i don't need to feel sad anymore that i wasn't there in Bethlehem, and i had not seen him when he was born. Instead i am going to celebrate this Christmas by sharing the joy i have in me to others.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Think out of the box?

.....What the hell?

Christmas was fast approaching and i was so excited about the holidays ahead. I just needed to be done with the quarterly tests for that year. There was this test where we had to come up with an inovative idea to help the teacher make our classroom a more better place to learn. Each idea would be given some points accordinlgly and the best chosen idea would have their name listed in the school magazine for that year along with a certificate. It was the year when i joined primary school and you can easily make out how old i was then. I was just a kid and so the rest of the students in my class. When the teacher announced us about the test for the first time, she particularly came to me before she left the class and said:

 "Elvirah, you are indeed a bright student of the class, but i want to you to think out of the box to prove yourself a brilliant student. And i know you have it in you".

"Ofcourse maam." I said sounding confident. She walked out of the class after that.

"I have a box in me? really? How does it look like? And how do i think out of it?" those were the first thoughts that came to my mind as soon as she left the room. Now i just laugh at my stupidity whenever i think of it. I could have right away asked the teacher what did she mean by "think out of the box"; instead i tried to sound smart in front of the teacher as if i was aware of what she meant. I probably was shy and didn't want to sound dumb asking for its meaning. Just becasue i didn't want to reveal my ignorance doesn't mean i could be so foolish to make my own interpretaion out of it, but i did.

As if that wasn't enough drama there, as soon as i came home, i headed straight to my dad and asked.

"Dad can you get me another box as i am not able to see my box in me?"

"A box? What kind of box? And why do you need a box?" His eyes narrowed and he looked bewildered.

"Yeah a box to figure out how to think out of it." I blurted out.

"What the hell? Who asked you to do so?" My dad freaked out.

"Dad don't be mad at me. Its my teacher who asked me to do so." I said making an innocent face.

"Why would she ask you to do something like that?" He was still mad.

Then i told my dad the everything that happend in the class and what teacher told me to do. You wouldn't believe how my dad and mom both laughed at me and i stood there looking like an idiot. I was definitely an idiot beacuse i could have at least asked my dad instead making my own assumptions. Ofcourse later my mom and dad, they both explained me what the teacher meant and what i was supposed to do. I then realised i was already in a box with my thoughts closed in it and i need to bring my thoughts out of it to be able to think of a better idea. I also learnt that i am never supposed to make my assumptions if something is not clear  and something seems to be beyond my understanding. Instead i must get things cleared up right away and avoid giving room for serious or stupid misunderstandings. Within a week i was done with all my tests including, Best Idea test and waited for the results to be announced. A funny thing happened then, the results were supposed to be announced on the day our school had Christmas party. And the day when we gathered for Christmas party our teacher announced that everyone would be give a gift box of surprises wrapped in it which we were suppsed to open only after going home. When the gift box was given to all of us, i wondered what must be in the box for me. I waited anxiously until the party was over and when i reached home i unwrapped the gift cover carefully as the teacher told there would be a note written on every gift box. I had the box with a note written : " A magical to help you think more out of the box ideas." My head spinned and i said to myself "this cannot be happening to me" and you know why :). Later my mom came and asked me if i opened it.

"Mom teacher is trying to make fun of me...see what she wrote. I am sure there is nothing in it. Probably i didn't score well...but how in the world she came to know about my stupidity earlier when she asked me to think out of the box. Somehow she came to know about it and so she wrote a note like this to make fun of me now."  I babbled on.

Mom chuckled at me and opened the box in front of me.  To my intense surprise i found a certificate, with my name on it; Best Idea certificate was awarded to me. Finally i had my box....sorry idea :) listed in the school magazine which was like the best Christmas present ever.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Star of wonder...... of night
A king was born in Bethlehem and, the star with royal beauty bright appeared in the sky. Three most famous wise men saw the star and wondered at it. Wise men followed the star, the star with perfect light. The yonder star leading and still proceeding, guided the wise men to a beautiful manger. A manger with no crib for a bed, there was he laid down wrapped in swaddling clothes. Angels singing to him - Praise to the King and God and Sacrifice, Alleluia, Alleluia.  Also Sheperds were there with their heads bowed down to honour the almighty king, baby Jesus. Wisemen too worshipped the Jesus and offered their presents. Gold i bring to crown the king forever, to reign us all - a wiseman told. Frankinsense i offer to incense the deity nigh - other wiseman told. The third wiseman said - You breathe a life of gathering gloom, so i offer you, Myrrh, this bitter perfume.
Isn't the story amazing? When i heard this story for the first time, i was just a little girl. What i could get from the story was that Jesus, the eternal king,  was born in Bethlehem, so we celebrate the Christmas every year. We put up a Christmas tree, decorate the house with a little manager and have sweet memories of joyous Christmas. Once it so happened that my dad didn't get us anything to decorate the house; neither, he got me any Christmas present for that matter. I was so upset and wondered why my dad did so. Then my dad came to me; he took me into his arms and said that it was going to be one of the memorable Christmas we ever celebrated. I asked him, how? Then he said, that he came to know about few poor children who were homeless and with no education. And the true happiness of celebrating Christmas was in helping those poor children by giving them what they need and lead them in the right direction of bright light of education. Star led the wisemen in the right direction to the place where Jesus was born. Dad said i could be the same bright star if i could allow him to give the same money, saved for my presents, to those little poor children. That way with my bright twinkling light, they would see the generous Christ in me and, praise and worship him with their beautiful smile. And we all together could happily celebrate the joyous Christmas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

You confound me....

...oh little heart
Often we see ourselves at the crossroads where we stand and wonder which way to choose. We had already planned everything and we know that we are heading the right direction, but all of a sudden we see another road which is quite appealing. Then we face a situation where we are going to have to choose either of them; apparently it is a struggle between our perfect, clever mind and our little  innocent heart. And it is upto us to decide which one is going to go over better; the way we had already planned for us or the way which we are confronted with now. We are sure about one way and the other way is just a possibility which may or may not prove right for us. Sometimes both seem like right ways with their own pros and cons.

Even i had faced these crossroads in my life, many times. Though few things were not my lifestyle choice, i had go with it either because of comittments or responsibilities. When i confronted a situation of choosing between passion and responsibility, i chose responsibility as i thought that was more important then. Few get to choose between love and comittment or responsibility; some choose love and some comittment. So it's for us to make a choice whether it's going to prove right or wrong later. Sometimes it all seems like a painful process of hearless mind and sometimes just the right decision which would prove worth the sacrifice of another.

Just like us, there was this silly girl named Susan, who was very much focused toward her passion for achieving new heights in her career. While she was getting closer to her dreams, she confronts a situation which seems like a hurdle between her dreams. As our Susan was a stubborn girl, there was no way she would easily give up her dream for something else. Now you must be wondering who this Susan is and what kind of crossroads she was at. Susan is the leading charater of my story "Silly Dumb Heart", which i would like to present it to you in little portions, like chapters every other day. Just like you've been an encouraging support to write articles here at "Life is an Art", i hope i would i get the same support from you in getting along with the Susan's Story. So i would be glad if you could visit my other blog, Silly Dumb Heart, which is based on a fictional love story and, let me know your valuable thoughts on it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Colours i learnt....

......are the colours i live.
There is this lovely song i learnt about colours, when i was a kid, in sunday school. I still hum it, even now, nostalgically and, probably many of you might know it. The song goes like this - "Colours, Colours five pretty colours...colours tell a story, listen carefully...". This song was one of my favourite and whenever we used to sing it, our teacher would show us a beautiful book of five pretty colours in it. Among all the colours, gold colour was eye catchy and attractive for me then, may be because of its bright and sparkling brilliance aspect. Besides gold is a representation of glorious heaven where i hope to be one day.
Our beautiful nature is abundant in numerous bright and vigorous colours which is so fascinating. You know, i love playing with butterflies, so colourful, which had always made me wonder how it got its lovely colours. When i learnt it's amazing story that it was once a creepy insect, a caterpillar, which turned into a charming colourful butterfly, i was thrilled. I couldn't believe that it was once a caterpillar which i am scared of. Look at the peaceful flower which pulls me into its creative imaginary world, full of vibrant colours and the serene water which seems to be playing with colours and changing into - sometimes blue, sometimes white and sometimes green. I must say i am so lucky to be able to feel the pleasing beauty of nature.  And who wouldn't enjoy watching the, cheerful seven colour, rainbow which appears only after it rains. It is mesmerising to view such a wonder when the rainbow makes the clouds go hideous and smile at us colourfully. 
Isn't it a pleasure watching birds like parrot and peacock, rich in wide variety of appealing colours? All these colours look so natural and graceful and all the colours play their part to amuse us wittily. And probably there are many more colours which we've not yet discovered for which we have to peer into our nature's cryptic secrets. God created this world so beautifully and so colourfully that no words would be able to describe it. I am so glad to be a part of this woderful creation, full of pretty colours.

As i grew up i figured that my life is more or less, the blend of various colours of harmony, peace, love, grace, hope, animosity, pain and sorrow and so on. And all the pretty colours i learnt are the colours i've been living.