Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall and Rise........

.....Rise and Shine
In my childhoold i used to be so careless that i would often trip over something and tumble down. Though i was very little then, i used to be very self conscious about it. I had this stupid notion then - that being clumsy and  falling often was something to be very ashamed of; and that gut feeling would also make me paranoid. And sometimes, though, i used to walk carefully watching my steps, i would fall down becuase i was just so helpless about it. Thankfully, i got rid of this problem as i grew older. It's not that i never fell down since then, but the frequency definitely slowed down to a great extent :).
Once it so happened that i took part in a fashion show programme at my work on the occasion of some get together party. And when i was practicing the cat walk in a room with others i just slipped accidentally being unsteady and fell down. There were so many on the floor who stared at me when this happened; few were practicing and others were watching us. As soon as i fell, i quickly got up, looking composed and started my practice again. I felt very awkward, though, inside and couldn't get that off my mind feeling paranoid until the end of the day. After going home i still kept thinking about it, and i made up my mind i would give up on the whole idea of taking part in the fashion show. Next day my friend pushed me not to give up and took me with her to the practice room. I was still a bit paranoid, but did practice slowly building up my confidence level. I, later, realised that feeling awkward about it wouldn't just do any good to me. It is better that i clear my mind and focus on what i need to do. By the end of the day i felt very confident and paranoia was completely off my mind. And on the day of the programme i walked the ramp so confidently that i dazzled the ramp. Many of my colleagues and friends couldn't believe that i could be so stunning on the ramp and they admired my confidence. If i'd given up on it before when i was feeling low, i would have missed one of my best days in my life. And this taught me a lesson that i should never give up on anything so easily no matter how weak i am at it.

"Though i fall, i must rise.
i must rise and i must shine."


  1. If we never fall down, then we never learn how to get up.

  2. Very nice experience, sister. Rise and shine. That's all we have to do so we will not miss any precious moments in our life. Thank you for visiting my blog :)