Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ring the bells.....

.....spread the magic

Christmas is just around the corner with its magic sparkles spread across the world. I can hear the christmas bells ringing in the air and the voices singing "Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way....and....Christmas, Christmas happy time we sing". I can feel my pulse quicken when i see the rush of december and the happy holidays. Everybody's waiting anxiously for the Santa and his reindeer to arrive and surprise them with the beautiful presents. All busy preparing wonderful delicacies and excited to wear the new clothes.It feels great to imagine the sweet smell of the delicious Christmas cake with all the fabulous flavours. The miraculous, magical day is nearing and my heart is bursting with joy and excitement; and i am afraid my it might explode anytime.  

What a magical month it is! A month of love, joy, fun and forgiveness. I dont want my heart to explode, instead i want to share the love, joy and fun with everyone around; both high and low, rich and poor. I want to spread the forgiveness and forgive everyone, i've been delaying, for everything; including myself for anythig i haven't. I want to let go of all the painful memories and the dreadful sorrows. For a moment i am going to  forget all the burdens and leave the stress behind; because it is time to celebrate and only celebrate. And there is no fun like celebrating it, being together, with all the family, near and dear ones. Christmas is for everyone, children, young and old; it doesn't make a distinction. So let's ring the bells, sing a song and spread the true magic of Christmas around the world.


  1. Christmas is the one time I always wait for all year long.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Elvirah! Have a meaningful one.

  3. Have a fabulous New Year ahead!