Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wish i were in Bethlehem....

.....Wish i had seen him.
Since my childhood, it had always been my wish to had seen the baby Jesus in manger and the wonders that happened in Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus. Those were the cold months of winter with the cold breeze gust fluttering everywhere around the Bethlehem. It looked like the cold breeze was dancing and whispering everyone to breathe its fresh air, probably because it had visited manger and  had seen the baby Jesus. I wish i were that whffing cold breeze that was swirling and singing in the air, and trying to peek in the little manger sneakingly. I'd had dared not near him and cling to the tender skin of the baby Jesus, but glanced at the baby Jesus, laid in a manger, so adorable. 

He was laid in a little manger in a trough spread with fresh hay and the cattle were around, lowing. Who would like to choose a manger for a great occasion like that when they had everything in the world at their feet? But our eternal king chose such a manger in lower state. The manger must've felt so happy that it was given such an incredible opportunity to serve him in it's best possible way. It had seen the star that appeared in the sky that night and the sheperds and the wise men visiting it to worship the lord Jesus. I wish i were the manger that was very lucky enough to had sheltered the baby Jesus all night and to had seen all the wonders that happened after his birth there. 
It was then i heard a voice in me saying "you are more lucky than that cold breeze and the dirty little manger". When i looked around, i saw no one. Then i figured it came from inside me and it was my conscience. Ofcourse it was right, i am lucky becasue he chose me who was like the cold breeze not worthy enough to see him or touch him. And he chose my dirty litte heart like the manger, to stay in there forever, not just a night. I am more lucky because he promised that he would never leave me until the end of the world. Now i don't need to feel sad anymore that i wasn't there in Bethlehem, and i had not seen him when he was born. Instead i am going to celebrate this Christmas by sharing the joy i have in me to others.


  1. I like Bethlehem decoration during christmas. reminds me of Jesus Advance merry christmas.

  2. I wish I were there too!

    You are right Elvirah, be a blessing to others. Merry Christmas! And may God bless you more!

  3. Season's Greetings
    and Best Wishes
    for all the days
    of the coming year!

  4. sharing blessings to others is wonderful act..nice post..i am always thankful to God each day of my life..;-)

  5. I wish the same too. Merry Christmas to you and to your family!