Saturday, December 10, 2011

Think out of the box?

.....What the hell?

Christmas was fast approaching and i was so excited about the holidays ahead. I just needed to be done with the quarterly tests for that year. There was this test where we had to come up with an inovative idea to help the teacher make our classroom a more better place to learn. Each idea would be given some points accordinlgly and the best chosen idea would have their name listed in the school magazine for that year along with a certificate. It was the year when i joined primary school and you can easily make out how old i was then. I was just a kid and so the rest of the students in my class. When the teacher announced us about the test for the first time, she particularly came to me before she left the class and said:

 "Elvirah, you are indeed a bright student of the class, but i want to you to think out of the box to prove yourself a brilliant student. And i know you have it in you".

"Ofcourse maam." I said sounding confident. She walked out of the class after that.

"I have a box in me? really? How does it look like? And how do i think out of it?" those were the first thoughts that came to my mind as soon as she left the room. Now i just laugh at my stupidity whenever i think of it. I could have right away asked the teacher what did she mean by "think out of the box"; instead i tried to sound smart in front of the teacher as if i was aware of what she meant. I probably was shy and didn't want to sound dumb asking for its meaning. Just becasue i didn't want to reveal my ignorance doesn't mean i could be so foolish to make my own interpretaion out of it, but i did.

As if that wasn't enough drama there, as soon as i came home, i headed straight to my dad and asked.

"Dad can you get me another box as i am not able to see my box in me?"

"A box? What kind of box? And why do you need a box?" His eyes narrowed and he looked bewildered.

"Yeah a box to figure out how to think out of it." I blurted out.

"What the hell? Who asked you to do so?" My dad freaked out.

"Dad don't be mad at me. Its my teacher who asked me to do so." I said making an innocent face.

"Why would she ask you to do something like that?" He was still mad.

Then i told my dad the everything that happend in the class and what teacher told me to do. You wouldn't believe how my dad and mom both laughed at me and i stood there looking like an idiot. I was definitely an idiot beacuse i could have at least asked my dad instead making my own assumptions. Ofcourse later my mom and dad, they both explained me what the teacher meant and what i was supposed to do. I then realised i was already in a box with my thoughts closed in it and i need to bring my thoughts out of it to be able to think of a better idea. I also learnt that i am never supposed to make my assumptions if something is not clear  and something seems to be beyond my understanding. Instead i must get things cleared up right away and avoid giving room for serious or stupid misunderstandings. Within a week i was done with all my tests including, Best Idea test and waited for the results to be announced. A funny thing happened then, the results were supposed to be announced on the day our school had Christmas party. And the day when we gathered for Christmas party our teacher announced that everyone would be give a gift box of surprises wrapped in it which we were suppsed to open only after going home. When the gift box was given to all of us, i wondered what must be in the box for me. I waited anxiously until the party was over and when i reached home i unwrapped the gift cover carefully as the teacher told there would be a note written on every gift box. I had the box with a note written : " A magical to help you think more out of the box ideas." My head spinned and i said to myself "this cannot be happening to me" and you know why :). Later my mom came and asked me if i opened it.

"Mom teacher is trying to make fun of me...see what she wrote. I am sure there is nothing in it. Probably i didn't score well...but how in the world she came to know about my stupidity earlier when she asked me to think out of the box. Somehow she came to know about it and so she wrote a note like this to make fun of me now."  I babbled on.

Mom chuckled at me and opened the box in front of me.  To my intense surprise i found a certificate, with my name on it; Best Idea certificate was awarded to me. Finally i had my box....sorry idea :) listed in the school magazine which was like the best Christmas present ever.


  1. That's a really cool story. You kept me in suspense the entire time! I wanted to know who won the contest! lol :)

  2. Your story is a great Christmas story.

  3. what a story...very entertaining...thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the good read! I really enjoyed it. And congrats for being able to think out of the box! *wink wink*

  5. huh... strange secret admirer?

    love the story!