Sunday, December 4, 2011

You confound me....

...oh little heart
Often we see ourselves at the crossroads where we stand and wonder which way to choose. We had already planned everything and we know that we are heading the right direction, but all of a sudden we see another road which is quite appealing. Then we face a situation where we are going to have to choose either of them; apparently it is a struggle between our perfect, clever mind and our little  innocent heart. And it is upto us to decide which one is going to go over better; the way we had already planned for us or the way which we are confronted with now. We are sure about one way and the other way is just a possibility which may or may not prove right for us. Sometimes both seem like right ways with their own pros and cons.

Even i had faced these crossroads in my life, many times. Though few things were not my lifestyle choice, i had go with it either because of comittments or responsibilities. When i confronted a situation of choosing between passion and responsibility, i chose responsibility as i thought that was more important then. Few get to choose between love and comittment or responsibility; some choose love and some comittment. So it's for us to make a choice whether it's going to prove right or wrong later. Sometimes it all seems like a painful process of hearless mind and sometimes just the right decision which would prove worth the sacrifice of another.

Just like us, there was this silly girl named Susan, who was very much focused toward her passion for achieving new heights in her career. While she was getting closer to her dreams, she confronts a situation which seems like a hurdle between her dreams. As our Susan was a stubborn girl, there was no way she would easily give up her dream for something else. Now you must be wondering who this Susan is and what kind of crossroads she was at. Susan is the leading charater of my story "Silly Dumb Heart", which i would like to present it to you in little portions, like chapters every other day. Just like you've been an encouraging support to write articles here at "Life is an Art", i hope i would i get the same support from you in getting along with the Susan's Story. So i would be glad if you could visit my other blog, Silly Dumb Heart, which is based on a fictional love story and, let me know your valuable thoughts on it.


  1. Thanks for kindly visit on my travel's blog. Lovely blog you have.

    Juliana RW

  2. I think throughout our lives we face many crossroads. And I agree that we usually have a choice of passion or responsibility. The one thing we need to remember is to try to choose equally between the two over the years or we'll find ourselves with a kind of imbalance in our lives.

  3. You are absolutely right, Ratty, when you said that there needs to be some balance between both the choice's in order to live a balanced life.

  4. Different crossroads in all aspects of life: Career, family, health, and love. We just wish we could always go somewhere in the middle. But we know that it won't work all the time. Most of the time we are left to choose either of the two or else nothing would really work.

    Nice and thought provoking post Elvirah.

    BTW, I just followed the new blog :)

  5. there is no permanent in this world and we have so many crossroads to take just be careful on how you choose your path.

  6. i super love your entries, i wish i have the time to comment on all of them, but be assured that i read a few before settling on writing a comment on this one, i only get to read blogs on weekends as i am a super mom and i mostly rush around on weekdays, just want to inform you that it is such a breather to read yours:D

    oh yeah, i'm your newest follower :D