Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Smiles, Some Tears....

......with gladness

Count those winning moments, when your words failed to express the overwhelming joy, but tears could. You can easily count those blessed moments on your fingers., is it not? Such joy is the joy of true happiness which makes your eyes filled with tears. Only tears can better express such joyous, overpowering, inexpressable moments, as they roll out of your beautiful eyes. You get to see that beautiful picture when you accomplish something really tough, which took tremendous efforts and all your hard work, and you have been patiently waiting, and longing to see and make it happen.

Sometimes it is easy to to share the pleasure of joy and laugh it off. Some joy makes your heart feel content, quite and peaceful. And some joy makes your heart burst out of happineness to let the world know the excitement in you. You often trip over many triumph experiences which are hard to contain and supress. Your heart  simply cannot wait to share the laughter with your friends and loved ones, and rejoice over it.  Many things in life either, make you laugh heartfully or, cry heartbroken.  

But you hardly get to experience a moment where the eyes would love to speak for the joy in you and burst out in tears, and you just keep smiling, instead speaking it out loud. It is one such moment when the tears become part of your happiness and bring out the true joy of accomplishment. And how could it be not a memorable page in your life? I once lost a great opportunity in my career, but was given a chance again to win it back. You cannot imagine the joy i felt then, i almost broke out in tears, and it has always been a winning moment for me in my life.

 Have you ever had a moment with tears of joy?
Can you share it here with me your experience?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No umbrella, No hiding..... the rain.

A morning walk, in a quite drizzle, through the garden of  welcoming flowers, is such a joyous feeling to begin the day with. It gives more pleasure when you let your fingers run gently,while you walk, through the soft, tender petals of those little flowers, with dew drops.  The pleasant fresh air filled with the fragrance of the flowers and the smell of damp earth, brings in you the amusement and fills your heart with gladness.

  And how thrilling it is to dance in the rain innocently and, forget the world around you. I love dancing in the rain, and cannot stop myself to get drenched completely. No shy, no embarassment, no umbrella and no hiding; for a while, the rain brings back the child in me to play passionately with the tiny, heart touching rain drops. There was an instance where me and my friends happened to take pictures in the rain. It was so fun and one of the wonderful moments in my life

Dark clouds, thunder and lightening might be intimidating sometimes, but only for a while. They might cover the beautiful blue sky with darkness, creating panick and worry, but it cannot last forever. Storms caused by incessant rains might be disastrous and troublesome, which would shatter your life. But the rain, after, also brings the hope of a colorful, bright rainbow which mesmirises all of us.


So you tell me how do you enjoy the rain?
And what do you love about it most?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love it, but don't live it....

Trying to be a healthy shopper.

Shopping, i love; not just me, i am sure most of the girls do. The sight of the shopping malls and its glittering posters, with discount offers, would just lure anyone to step into their stores.  They make everything look so inviting and promising that most of the girls like me would easily fall for it; no wonder, girls are shopaholic. I must say, sometimes, boys do fall for such attractive offers; i, myself, know few men who are crazy about shopping. So, folks, not just girls are to be blamed being shopaholic, boys do have a share in it. Besides, boys do desire to be fashionable, its just that they don't express it out loud like we girls do. Apparently, shopping for boys is some cool thing and being up-to-date with latest fashion, for girls it's show-off, what they call. Well, anyways, i don't want to make it more argumentative for anyone, it's not my point at all, there is no offense.

I am here to discuss my shopping experiences. No doubt, shopping is the most exciting thing for me; the day i shop, i am the most happy person in the world. I almost feel like a princess with the new stuff around me in the shopping mall, it's just i have go make a wish and pick the best thing for me. What a thrill it is!

Aside from all these, i always make sure to be on-guard to buy what i need to buy, having a bit of awareness of the latest fashion available. Despite that, sometimes, i loose focus and completely get lost in the shopping world. That's bad i know, but can't help giving myself into it; though, it does not happen often.

You know, i get many compliments that i have a good sense of fashion and shopping. And, it feels so great when others admire you for your fashion sense, and to have a fan following. When i was in college, i got to know, there were few boys who secretly adored me, the way i keep up with the fashion. Although, being fashionable, for me was never to show-off, but to look stunning and confident to myself.

I know i am crazy about shopping, but am sure i am not a shopaholic. When i have to hold, i hold it; when it's really pointless and unnecessary. It's difficult to supress the urge and contain myself, but i also cannot shop all days. Though i wish i have all the money in the world, it's just a wish and cannot be true ever :).

That was me, my shopping and fashion. What about you?
How do you keep up with shopping and your fashion?
Can i know?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dazzling Star

I wish i could be like you.....

I just love the view of the sky, when it is dark  at night, with all the stars twinkling around. I think it is such an amazing and fascinating experience, when you fix your eyes up on the sky to watch the little wonder those tiny stars make. Sometimes it makes me wonder the way they mesmerize you, making the sky look all so beautiful. It feels like nothing, in the world, could be more better and perfect, and  nothing ever could replace the beauty of the sky, when they dazzle you magically.

O tiny little star,
I wish i could be like you.
O dazzling star,
I wish i could be so starry.

Whip your wand out,
and make me so starring.
Turn me into you,
Like a Dazzling Star

Ofcourse, i could be like you; all i need is, to do a little magic and a little wonder like you and that can only be done by me, and my magical wand - My Courage. I am not so extraordinary and powerful to reach the spotlight, but i know i have it in me to stand up and show myself to the world. When i see you, i realise i am also created by the same mighty hands who created you, and i need to be myself, but not someone or something else, to make my dreams come true and be a DAZZLING STAR.