Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dazzling Star

I wish i could be like you.....

I just love the view of the sky, when it is dark  at night, with all the stars twinkling around. I think it is such an amazing and fascinating experience, when you fix your eyes up on the sky to watch the little wonder those tiny stars make. Sometimes it makes me wonder the way they mesmerize you, making the sky look all so beautiful. It feels like nothing, in the world, could be more better and perfect, and  nothing ever could replace the beauty of the sky, when they dazzle you magically.

O tiny little star,
I wish i could be like you.
O dazzling star,
I wish i could be so starry.

Whip your wand out,
and make me so starring.
Turn me into you,
Like a Dazzling Star

Ofcourse, i could be like you; all i need is, to do a little magic and a little wonder like you and that can only be done by me, and my magical wand - My Courage. I am not so extraordinary and powerful to reach the spotlight, but i know i have it in me to stand up and show myself to the world. When i see you, i realise i am also created by the same mighty hands who created you, and i need to be myself, but not someone or something else, to make my dreams come true and be a DAZZLING STAR.


  1. Hi Elvirah! Thanks for following and commenting today! I'm a new follower of yours as well!! Thanks again!

  2. I also like the sky! When it is bright and blue, when it is dark with the dazzling stars, I love it! XD