Friday, September 30, 2011

My Heart is Pouring with Joy

Do you want to share the joy? Celebrate it....

Who would not like to have a celebration in their life? Your joyous moments are something very special, unforgettable and such moments of pleasure do not knock the door every day.  So you celebrate, share the joy with others and make them part of your happiness. Its a day you want others to be happy for you, for the difference the day has made in your life. Reason may be whatever, or no reason, who cares, as long as its a matter of happiness; throw a party, crash a party, pamper, strengthen and relax your moods.

Ocassions like birthdays, weddings, get togethers.. come and go, but the remarkable moments these special days leave in your mind and heart makes your  whole life filled with some unforgettable memories. And life with such thrilling moments makes the journey more beautiful and fascinating.

Do you also party? What makes you to celebrate? 
And how do you celebrate your most precious

1 comment:

  1. Yes, let's celebrate every day as it were our birthday, our wedding day and New Year's all rolled into one.