Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Smiles, Some Tears....

......with gladness

Count those winning moments, when your words failed to express the overwhelming joy, but tears could. You can easily count those blessed moments on your fingers., is it not? Such joy is the joy of true happiness which makes your eyes filled with tears. Only tears can better express such joyous, overpowering, inexpressable moments, as they roll out of your beautiful eyes. You get to see that beautiful picture when you accomplish something really tough, which took tremendous efforts and all your hard work, and you have been patiently waiting, and longing to see and make it happen.

Sometimes it is easy to to share the pleasure of joy and laugh it off. Some joy makes your heart feel content, quite and peaceful. And some joy makes your heart burst out of happineness to let the world know the excitement in you. You often trip over many triumph experiences which are hard to contain and supress. Your heart  simply cannot wait to share the laughter with your friends and loved ones, and rejoice over it.  Many things in life either, make you laugh heartfully or, cry heartbroken.  

But you hardly get to experience a moment where the eyes would love to speak for the joy in you and burst out in tears, and you just keep smiling, instead speaking it out loud. It is one such moment when the tears become part of your happiness and bring out the true joy of accomplishment. And how could it be not a memorable page in your life? I once lost a great opportunity in my career, but was given a chance again to win it back. You cannot imagine the joy i felt then, i almost broke out in tears, and it has always been a winning moment for me in my life.

 Have you ever had a moment with tears of joy?
Can you share it here with me your experience?


  1. just recently our family was awarded as a model family in our my father received the plaque..i can't stop my tears from falling..and I guess it was a tears of joy

  2. nice post. nice and neat blog. :)
    thanks for the comment for the post I made on my blog.
    God bless!

  3. nice post and nice blog. i enjoyed my stay...thanks for visiting at my blog...visiting you back..:-)