Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love it, but don't live it....

Trying to be a healthy shopper.

Shopping, i love; not just me, i am sure most of the girls do. The sight of the shopping malls and its glittering posters, with discount offers, would just lure anyone to step into their stores.  They make everything look so inviting and promising that most of the girls like me would easily fall for it; no wonder, girls are shopaholic. I must say, sometimes, boys do fall for such attractive offers; i, myself, know few men who are crazy about shopping. So, folks, not just girls are to be blamed being shopaholic, boys do have a share in it. Besides, boys do desire to be fashionable, its just that they don't express it out loud like we girls do. Apparently, shopping for boys is some cool thing and being up-to-date with latest fashion, for girls it's show-off, what they call. Well, anyways, i don't want to make it more argumentative for anyone, it's not my point at all, there is no offense.

I am here to discuss my shopping experiences. No doubt, shopping is the most exciting thing for me; the day i shop, i am the most happy person in the world. I almost feel like a princess with the new stuff around me in the shopping mall, it's just i have go make a wish and pick the best thing for me. What a thrill it is!

Aside from all these, i always make sure to be on-guard to buy what i need to buy, having a bit of awareness of the latest fashion available. Despite that, sometimes, i loose focus and completely get lost in the shopping world. That's bad i know, but can't help giving myself into it; though, it does not happen often.

You know, i get many compliments that i have a good sense of fashion and shopping. And, it feels so great when others admire you for your fashion sense, and to have a fan following. When i was in college, i got to know, there were few boys who secretly adored me, the way i keep up with the fashion. Although, being fashionable, for me was never to show-off, but to look stunning and confident to myself.

I know i am crazy about shopping, but am sure i am not a shopaholic. When i have to hold, i hold it; when it's really pointless and unnecessary. It's difficult to supress the urge and contain myself, but i also cannot shop all days. Though i wish i have all the money in the world, it's just a wish and cannot be true ever :).

That was me, my shopping and fashion. What about you?
How do you keep up with shopping and your fashion?
Can i know?


  1. same here, i wish i have lots of money to shop...hahaha. Anyway, i am following you back. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the birthday greetings! :) Followed you back too., I guess every one loves to shop especially women., I love shopping when store are on sale., mostly cheap items only and not signature one's.,

  3. I always want to look fab but one thing I hate is me being impulsive shopper. I wish too that I have lots of money to shop away. Sigh!

    Thanks for swinging by at LAINY'S MUSINGS.

    See yah!