Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No umbrella, No hiding..... the rain.

A morning walk, in a quite drizzle, through the garden of  welcoming flowers, is such a joyous feeling to begin the day with. It gives more pleasure when you let your fingers run gently,while you walk, through the soft, tender petals of those little flowers, with dew drops.  The pleasant fresh air filled with the fragrance of the flowers and the smell of damp earth, brings in you the amusement and fills your heart with gladness.

  And how thrilling it is to dance in the rain innocently and, forget the world around you. I love dancing in the rain, and cannot stop myself to get drenched completely. No shy, no embarassment, no umbrella and no hiding; for a while, the rain brings back the child in me to play passionately with the tiny, heart touching rain drops. There was an instance where me and my friends happened to take pictures in the rain. It was so fun and one of the wonderful moments in my life

Dark clouds, thunder and lightening might be intimidating sometimes, but only for a while. They might cover the beautiful blue sky with darkness, creating panick and worry, but it cannot last forever. Storms caused by incessant rains might be disastrous and troublesome, which would shatter your life. But the rain, after, also brings the hope of a colorful, bright rainbow which mesmirises all of us.


So you tell me how do you enjoy the rain?
And what do you love about it most?

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  1. Hi thank you for dropping by and leaving comments on my blog.

    When I am still a kid I also used to shower in the rain., it's a lot of fun.