Monday, November 28, 2011

Nothing to hide with you... magic mirror
I heard many amusing bed time stories from my grandmother, when i was a kid. Once she told me and my sister the story of a magic mirror. She said this magic mirror would help me see myself in it and tell me if i look pretty or not. It would also show me if my face has anything wrong in it and help me make it look fine. She also said that magic mirror shows only true reflection of anyone or anything, but would never try to fake it.  Then she lifted me up to show me how it looks and to my amazment i saw someone exactly like me in a piece of glass. When i was old enough to get ready myself i got a chance to read more about this mirror. I learnt that it was definitely a magic mirror, but it was also a delicate piece of glass which needs to be handled very carefully . Like the story of my grandmother, the magic mirror would show me, myself, my reflection in it and helps me to make myself look more pretty. Whenever i would stand in front of it, it would also help me grow my confidence before i face the word's complications. It was great knowing it and being with it, but as i grew older i started to be little careless with my magic mirror. I used to ignore the little faults blinded by my haughtiness and  pride of beauty. Still, whenever i had a look at it, it would silently warn me about the blurs i overlook, but would never try to block my way and fight me. And one day i happend to drop it, because of my carelessness, and it fell on the ground and broke into pieces. I thought it would be easy to find another mirror just like that, but i was wrong in thinking so. My mother told me that it was one such rare piece of beauty which is not only difficult but impossible to find. Then i realised my stupidity and the importance of the magic mirror i had. I felt terribly sorry for being so reckless with it and to loose it finally . When i was sad and upset about it, my mother comforted me and told that it was just a mirror which could be replaced by another mirror. It was definitely a beautiful piece, but there were also other great magic mirrors in its replacement. While she told me so, she asked me to remember one thing always - Never neglect anything in life which is difficult to find. And she also told me that there was something, like magic mirror, inside me and that was my heart's conscience. And i should listen to it whenever it warns me of my mistakes and not repeat it again. If i stop listening to it as i had done with the mirror, i would loose it; and getting back the good old conscience is very difficult.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Living in....

One day i woke up to a wonderland looking like a princess. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw everything around me was so divine and appealing. There were glittering lights all around me and a beautiful little lake of lotus flowers. It was a place i've always fantasized and imagined myself to be in; and i was so happy i could finally step into my fantasy world. As i walked further to see more wonders, i entered in a mushroom land. There i saw a dazzling little fairy, playing with its magic wand, around mushrooms. It was a thrilling experience to see such an extraordinary piece of wonder which took me by surprise. When i walked towards the fairy to have a little chat, it came flying to me and made a few circles around me with its fairy dust.
While it amused me so, i barely could see the fairy in it's fairy dust. Then it took me to a place which was amazingly mesmerising and fascinating; there i saw a big fairy, with angelic white wings and a colorful bird with blue and pink in it. It looked like they both were having some conversation which was beyond my understanding. After sometime i saw the bird disappeared in a cloud of white sparkes and i could do nothing but watch the beautiful scene in absolute awe and wonder. When i saw all that i wished i could be a fairy too, like her, then she turned to me and whipped her wand. In a moment i saw a bright light falling upon me and i was flying up in the air, turning into a beautiful fairy. It was a dream come true being in a wonderland with the fairies around and, to become one among them. As i was about to fly around with my new pink wings, i heard a voice calling me from my behind. When i turned to look back, i ended up lying in my bed and my mom sitting next to me waking me up.
It was just a dream, a beautiful dream, which made my wish come true to be a fairy. And it was a dream worth dreaming. We sometimes tend to live in a wonderland which doesn't belong in our real world, but it feels so magical and blissful, daydreaming about it. Woudn't it be great having such a wonderland where we can really go visit and make all our wishes come true? I know its impossible to live such a fairy tale in real world, but i am thankful to God i have dreams to dream about my magical land.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Playing with you.....

.....hide and seek 
 I still remember those days when  i was so little, when one used to blindfold other and ask the kid who was blindfolded to seek the rest of the kids hiding around. It was really fun playing that game then, in order to pick the seeker who's supposed to be blindfolded we would write the name of each kid, in the game, on a piece of paper, fold each paper into a smal chit and when done we would gather all the chits together, jumble them and pick one chit among them. The kid whose name appears in the chit would be the seeker who would be blindfolded and taken to a different place.  

And the rest of the kids would figure out the hiding place for each one of them before the number count by the seeker begins. When the seeker starts counting numbers from one to ten, it was a signal for other kids to go hide into their hiding places. By the time count ends no one should appear anywhere around the seeker. And then the seeker would remove the cloth  which was tied to blindfold and start looking for the possible hiding places to find the kids hidden. They would already set a time period for the seeker to find atleast one kid among the hidden. If the seeker was successful in doing so, then the kid found by the seeker would be the next one to be blindfolded, and if the seeker fails he/she would remain to be the seeker for the next round as well. And this would continue as long as the game kept going on. Now whenever i try to recall those memories i feel so freshened and wonder how innocently we used to play the game without any tricks on mind. It was just a game then, but nothing more than that, to have some fun time with friends and family. But the same game i learnt then, now i play myself with my life.

Sometimes my heart plays hide and seek, and sometimes my mind. Sometimes my mind plays tricks to win over my heart. And sometimes my heart plays tricks with my eyes.  When my mind plays tricks, my heart gives up. And when my heart plays tricks, my eyes sees nothing. My heart listens to my mind in the game and my eyes follow the heart. My mind hypnotises the heart and my heart keeps my eyes in the dark. And i try to make my life look like it is walking on a red carpet. But inside, my heart silently weeps and my eyes longing to see the truth.

How could i be such a traitor to myself?
And where is that innocent me who had no tricks on mind?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A hug is........

.........all i need.
The very moment you saw me for the first time, you gave me that kiss with a gentle, affectionate hug. Many people took me into their arms to carress me, but i felt the real warmth and love when i was finally in your arms. Nothing could intimidate me whenever your protective arms were around me. I had my sweetest dreams of being in wonderland in your beautiful arms. You hugged me as soon as you heard me cry and comforted me in your loving arms. You made me smile and played with me by taking me into your pleasant arms and, i am glad that i was the only world to you then. I probably would have grown older without that hug, but i would've missed the opportunity of having some magical moments with you. A hug was all i needed and i never had to ask for it. I was so little to express my gratitude to you then, so am doing it now my mother.

Growing up older i had experienced this inspirational hug which'd always motivated me and encouraged me in all my endeavours. When i was lost and down, this special hug taught me to be courageous. I needed this hug to make me a strong person, to fight any kind of situation without giving up in life. I learnt many life's lessons, by being in his amazing hug, which helped me all along my life. I am so grateful to you my father for everything you've taught me and i am proud to be your daughter.
 As i grew up i realised i needed a sisterly or a brotherly hug to support and comfort me. And they'd always been there to hold me tight and say not to be afraid of anything. That hug was again something special and unforgettable. Their hug was an assurance that even if mum and dad was not there to take care of me, they'd always be there.
When i was away from my family, i had this caring friend to who'd hug me tight whenever she was happy or sad. She'd run to me and fall into my arms to say how much she had missed me and my company whenever we had to spend some time apart. She'd also hug me to make up for the little misunderstanding and the little fight we had. Her hug had always made me realise that someone else who's not my family could also be so affectionate.

When i grew young, i needed a hug that was very special to me. Then i met this special someone who had hugged me to say he loved me and would always love me forever. With this hug i also had a promise that he would stand by me, all my life, whenever i needed his support. I felt the love and warmth of a mother, and the encouragement of a father in his loving arms. This hug also assured me that we both are inseparable and would face everything in life together. Throughout all my sorrows and struggles, this comforting hug pacified and relieved me. When i needed a friend, his friendly arms were around me with a promise that he would be my best friend ever. I thank God for having such a loving partner who'd never failed to keep each promise he made.

"A hug was all i needed
 and a hug is all i need"

Friday, November 11, 2011

Being with you is like.... a beautiful piece of life.

Walking with you along the path of life has always been like a fantasy. With you next to me, i am not afraid of anything or anyone. We stumble and fall down along the way, but we rise together. You always hold my hand to make me realise i am not alone in this journey of life.  We have been through many tough times, but we still stand together. Without you some part of my life would have been empty and miserable. And without you my journey wouldn't have been so easy. You never fail me and never let me down. Since the time i met you, my life has been so much fascinating. Thinking of you once made me wonder what you are. Then you said "i am your true friend and will always be there for you". When you said it, you also meant it.

We play together and laugh together. We celebrate and have fun together. We lie everyone to sneak out secretly.  And all my secrets are safe with you just like your secrets are safe with me. Being with you, life has been so amusing and adventurous. When i look up to you, i feel so glad; and i am truly blessed to have you in my life. You are one of the best things that happened to me and i always thank God for sending you to be a part of my life.

When i am alone and miserable, you are there. When i am lost and upset, you are there. You are there for me at all times and you never give up on me no matter what. Thus, you keep the promise you made me once, that you would always be there for me. We stand by each other and fight for each other. Together we fight and win against the world. Together we make a difference in our lives.

I may or may not live with you forever but we will be friends forever. If i ever hurt you, fight me, but never go away from me. I love you and will always cherish the time we spend together. No matter where i am and what i am, my memories being with you are never going to wither and fade away. And this is my promise to you.

Now you tell me about your friends and your friendship stories.
"True friends are like your shadow;
 they will always be there for you"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's too late....... make amends sometimes

Apoligize and make amends - it is not always easy for all of us. Something holds us off and that something worsens the situation more. Not always we get a second chance to make it upto others and not always we find a beatutiful heart. Sometimes it's never too late to compensate for the loss done and get back your to your loved ones, but sometimes it is too late to win another chance. So why hold yourself until then? Why regret later when you cannot do anything? "Better late than never" - this might not work always.

A distance created once could be a farness forever and you'd never be able to do away with it. And the regret of not saying something or retaliating would always be like someone has punched a big hole in the heart. Ofcourse your life would never stop without that special someone; you would definitely keep it going. You might also find another better one, but if you realise there would always be something missing, something incomplete. 

Those days were somehow different and most memorable. You had so much fun in little things; hours were like minutes and few moments spent together meant like holding million stars of the sky. Life was never so interesting like it was then. So why let it go when you can bring it back? Why hurt your little heart by keeping it from the world's happiness? Better never be too late to grab it and hold tight forever. Better walk gracefully towards your happiness, and say a little SORRY. There ends the matter and you'd always be grateful for not being too late to make amends.

Still sitting alone and sad,
no it does'nt suit you.
Probably it's not too late for you to share
 your "too late" lessons with me :).