Monday, January 9, 2012

Out at the door.....

.....knocking for you.
 Sunday's always one of the lovely days for me. I get to spend most of the time in the church with God's people and also i get to hear some wonderful teachings along with the meaningful, heart touching stories. On one usual sundays, one of the God's servant elucidated this mesmerizing story which i am going to tell you now. There was a very religious and devoted person who had to travel across the river to get his necessities. He had a boat and also a driver to drive it whenever he had to ride in it to the other side of the river. Unfortunately that day the driver was not available, for some reason he couldn't make it, so this person had to drive the boat on his own to travel across. When he was in the middle of the river, it so happened that something went wrong with the boat and he couldn't take control of the wheel and fell down in the river. Then he suddenly realised that he didn't know swimming and the only thing that crossed his mind was to pray God. So he faithfully prayed God, pleading him to come to his rescue and help him from drowning.

As he was praying, in sometime, he heard a voice very close him. "Hey man, take my hand and get on the boat." 

When he anxiously turned to see, wondering it must be an angel from God, he saw one of his neighbour who was paddling by in a boat. Then this religious person soon declined. "No, thanks. I prayed God, so he will save me.",

He somehow caught hold of his boat by clinging to it and kept praying God. After sometime, he saw a bit boat passing by. A young man from this big boat asked the boat driver to halt it for a while and jumped into the river out of generosity and asked the religious person, if he wanted any help. He declined again saying. "No, God will save me. You go on."

Time passed by and he was still praying and waiting for God to send his angles to his rescue. But suddenly the boat started to sink down and he was also drowning down with it. He yelled out with pain to God. "God please help your servant."

In the nick of time, he heard someone yelling out at him from above. When he looked up, he saw a guy on a ladder with his hand reached out for him. The religious person would have been saved from drowning, but he declines again and eventually drowns.

Finaly he looses his life and his spirit was taken to God. When he found himself in the presence of God, he looked upto God and in an angry tone asked. "God, i prayed you with all my faith and belief, but you still let me die. I was very righteous and devoted to you; i neither hurt anyone or cheated a person in my lifetime and i was regular to church. But why didn't you come to my rescue when i needed your help?"

God Replied. "I did send you help, but you declined it thrice. I first sent your neighbour, next a young man from that big boat and lastly as you were drowning, i sent a man in a helicopter."

Sometimes when we are in trouble and in need, many opportunities knock at the door. But we ignore and decline them thinking that they are not right for us. No matter how little an opportunity is, we must embrace it and thank God, because he knows better what we need.


  1. Sigh I was not able to go to church for how many sundays now.

  2. This is so very true.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. The story was so beautifully told, and I love the pic of the boat in the snow!

    I pray to God for help, too, just like the man. But sometimes I turn it away thinking I can do it all myself. It would be very hard to live without God's mercy and grace. I'm happy you have a nice church to enjoy... : )

  4. He should have known that God works in mysterious ways.

  5. I know about this story. We need to be more sensitive to God's answer. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. felt a bit sad when the spirit leaves the body..nevertheless that is the truth of life.Beautifully compiled story ...great post indeed...Loved it..