About Elvirah

She is an ordinary girl living in this flashy world, trying to learn its various colors. She has lived quite a number of years to make herself comfortable in this planet, full of complicated situations. God gave her a wonderful parents who love her for what she is and encourage her by being a strong support in all her endeavours. Life so far has been very interesting with so many twists and turns which helped her to learn what she needed to, in order to live a sound life and also to be a better human being. And this does not mean she has learnt enough and there is nothing else to learn more; she has yet to explore so much of the world. Learning more wouldn't make her a perfect woman, of course, but would definitely help her to figure out and understand many obscure things, surrounding, which she probably can share with her future world.
 Now, I think that's enough with the heavy.
Let me flatter myself a bit and you please don't be overwhelmed by my self-praise:). I am a brilliant writer and a wonderful person at heart. Whatever i do, i do it with all the heart and determination and comittment. I have those pages in my life which cover all the wonders of my hardwork and  dedicated efforts. People admire my charming personality and there are also others who envy me for the same reason. It's in my blood to be picky and choose the right fashion for myself when the occassion demands because I am very good at keeping up with the traditions and as well the latest trends. I prefer a decent style of fashion which includes both Indian formals and Western casuals and I have a very good taste for clothes. 

Now carefully listen to me, because i am going to talk about my little truths.

I am a very unpredictable cook, but whatever i cook unusually turns out fantastic.

I think I suffer from a split-personality disorder because sometimes i feel so confident about myself and sometimes very confused. Also sometimes I act like a dumb with no words in mind and heart and sometimes i just write with gush. I am very lazy sometimes and sometimes I would be like the most vivacious person in the world.

I like nature and travelling, though i don't get to travel much.

My favourite food is Indian and that too home made. 

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