Monday, July 25, 2011

Fantasize your wedding

Have your ever fantasized your wedding?
I always do and its been one of my childhood dreams. People say -"Wedding is the most precious, memorable and adorable thing in life". Like me, i am sure most woman do fantasize their wedding. Everyone has their own way of performing a wedding, according to their rituals, traditions. Some like simple and few go for lavish weddings; however it might be, wedding is a wedding. I have always dreamed about a simple Church wedding, wearing a beautiful white gown,looking gorgeous, walking down the aise, holdig flowers, towards your beloved to be wedded, For me its going to be a wonderful experience, ever, in my life and i would forever capture the moment and picture it in my mind. I had been to many weddings and it feels so amazing to see the couple exchanging vows and saying each other "i do". It just makes me wonder when i would be standing there and saying the same vows to my beloved.

Marriage is a most amazing part of anybody's life and i wish you all, to be wedded couples, good luck. Do also wish me good luck in making my dreams come true and i would love to hear, if you could share with me your wedding fantasies or experience.

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