Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's too late....... make amends sometimes

Apoligize and make amends - it is not always easy for all of us. Something holds us off and that something worsens the situation more. Not always we get a second chance to make it upto others and not always we find a beatutiful heart. Sometimes it's never too late to compensate for the loss done and get back your to your loved ones, but sometimes it is too late to win another chance. So why hold yourself until then? Why regret later when you cannot do anything? "Better late than never" - this might not work always.

A distance created once could be a farness forever and you'd never be able to do away with it. And the regret of not saying something or retaliating would always be like someone has punched a big hole in the heart. Ofcourse your life would never stop without that special someone; you would definitely keep it going. You might also find another better one, but if you realise there would always be something missing, something incomplete. 

Those days were somehow different and most memorable. You had so much fun in little things; hours were like minutes and few moments spent together meant like holding million stars of the sky. Life was never so interesting like it was then. So why let it go when you can bring it back? Why hurt your little heart by keeping it from the world's happiness? Better never be too late to grab it and hold tight forever. Better walk gracefully towards your happiness, and say a little SORRY. There ends the matter and you'd always be grateful for not being too late to make amends.

Still sitting alone and sad,
no it does'nt suit you.
Probably it's not too late for you to share
 your "too late" lessons with me :).


  1. Though sometimes regret serves as a wake up call to make us realize and appreciate many things. But yes it doesn't change the fact that having regret is the worst feeling ever.


  2. Very expressive and evocative with beautiful illustrations. You are poet! And, thanks for your visit and kind comment. I've discovered your blog today only.