Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life without you....

.....i can't imagine.
I was once a rebellious and a naughty child and used to do all terrible things that could annoy my parents. I had this unnecessary stupid assumption on my mind that my parents loved my sister more than me. Sometimes i would even hurt my sister because of my rotten behaviour. I once hit her in head just because i couldn't tolerate anymore that she was loved more than me. Then i didn't know the reason why my parents loved her so much; they had a reason of course. She had some health problems and was a weaker child than me and my brother which i couldn't really understand then. When it got to my mother's attention that i had hurt my sister by hitting her in head, she instead getting mad at me, took me and my sister out. She took both of us to an icecream parlour and got us our favourite icecream. I wondered why she was acting like that, so cool. Then she told both of us a story - There were three brothers named Love, Hope and Faith. All the three were the most wisest and powerful than anyone else who lived in that town; and without three of them living life there was almost impossible to imagine for the people in the town. Love was more powerful and greatest than Hope and Faith, but the three of them had equally the same charm. Hope had the magical power of healing someone whose life was miserable out of hopelessness. Faith was good at making someone believe in things which they were most doubtful about. And Love would play an integral part to solve almost any kind of problem, so would always accompany Hope or Faith. It had the most incredible power of healing anyone with its soft spoken magical spell which would also make the job of Hope or Faith more easy. Love had this most beautiful trait, that it would spend more time with those who need more attention and were weaker than others. Everone in the town would understand the language of love better than hope and faith, so no matter if somebody is naive of the language spoken by Hope or Faith, they would definitely listen to Love. Thus whoever believed in Love, would eventually learnt the language of Hope and Faith and also believed in them for a better cure.

After telling the story, She asked. "Now you heard the story, so tell me who needs more attention of Love?

I said "a more feeble person."

Then mom explained, "Yes, the same way your sister needs more attention and more love of everybody in the house, even yours. If you also love your sister, her weakness would disappear very soon and then you both would be loved equally. When you start loving your sister, i'd wager you would slowly begin to have faith in all of us that we love you as well and also hope for better things in life instead being unpleasant for the things you don't have."

Without love in the word, the world would be more or less like a hell; and without love in and around us we'd probably living like monsters. My life would have been miserable without the color of love, hope and faith in it. I don't know about others, but i can't imagine to live life without the Love, faith and hope just like i need air to breathe.


  1. A very wonderful way to explain things, and a beautiful story.

  2. As Tolstoy has said 'Life is a mere fitting stage and we are just the performers'.
    I say,Life is a journey in a train.We have different passengers as different moments.But at the end of the journey we an individual gets down at his own destination only.
    Lovely post ...

  3. I like so much your posts. You have a big heart.

  4. I just love the entire story. Your brother is so sweet. We have some sibling issues back then too...thanks for sharing!

  5. That's true living without love is really like living in hell. Love the story!

  6. That is honestly a very beautiful story. Your mother is a good mother, she taught you such a deep truth in such a gentle and easy way!

  7. lovely story, God bless you and ur sister!

  8. love the post!
    happy new year din

  9. To this day I feel like my mom loves my brothers more. I'm glad I learned this healing lesson from your mom, (and you.) ; )